Another Duggar-esque family exists in the world — and we're surprised TLC hasn't begged them for a pilot yet! The Schwandt family recently welcomed their 14th son into the world, so it's safe to say their day-to-day life is pretty hectic.

High school sweethearts Jay, 44, and Kateri Schwandt, 43, welcomed (another!) baby boy back in April, which means the age difference between their eldest son and their youngest son is a whopping 25 years. Baby Schwandt — who they chose to name Finley Sheboygan — joined big bros Francisco, 2, Tucker, 4, Luke, 6, Charlie, 8, Gabe, 11, Wesley, 9, Calvin, 13, Drew, 20, Tommy, 16, Zach, 22, Vinny, 15, Brandon, 19, and Ty, 25. Well, at least they don't all start with the same letter!

The couple decided to stick with tradition and not find out the sex of the baby. Although Jay was hoping for a girl, he suspected that wouldn't be the case — and he was right. "We really savored this one," he told Good Morning America. "Every little kick, every moment felt special."

The Michigan-based family receives backlash often, but Jay recently clapped back at the haters. He told the Associated Press on Tuesday, "There are some really mean people in the world. And it doesn't matter. We happen to be this great big family with 14 boys that has so much fun every second that we're together. And we still get horrible comments."

As for whether or not they're capable of giving every child attention, Brandon said, "It's just what we grew up with. I don't know how to explain it. It's just life. It's our life."

According to The Grand Rapids Press, a genetics counselor calculated the odds of giving birth to so many boys in a row was .02 percent. Luckily, five of their boys have girlfriends, so it's not like they miss having a bit of estrogen in the house.

In fact, although a 15th baby isn't out of the question, one thing's for sure — a grandchild is on the way! Drew and his girlfriend, Anelene Mellin, are expecting a little girl this Friday. "I'm really excited about it," Anelene, a student at Central Michigan University, told AP. "She'll be extremely loved and probably spoiled."

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