It’s been a tough month for Sandra Bullock. On Monday, Oct. 15, the 54-year-old actress stepped out at a special event honoring her friend Sarah Paulson and, while delivering a speech about Sarah, Sandra told the crowd she’s sadly had a “crappy few weeks” after losing both her father and two dogs.

“I was going to write a nice speech about all the things I like about Sarah Paulson. Sarah Catharine Paulson, she likes when you use her middle name, or Powell-son, as my five-year-old calls her. But it’s been a crappy few weeks. My dad died, both of my dogs died. You turn on the television or computer and it’s endless tragedies and it seems like more than ever now if you have a vagina, you have to be a fighter as well. So I don’t feel nice. So I decided tonight I’m going to talk about all the things I don’t like about Sarah,” Sandra said at the 25th ELLEWomen in Hollywood Celebration in LA, according to Us Weekly.

Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson at Ocean's 8
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Sandra lost her beloved father, John W. Bullock, on Sept. 18. The Bullock family patriarch died in his hometown of Birmingham, AL, “surrounded by family and friends,” Sandra’s boyfriend, Bryan Randall, wrote on Instagram at the time. John had reportedly battled illness for some time before his passing.

Following John’s death, Us Weekly reported that Bryan has been Sandra’s “rock” during this difficult time. “[Bryan] has been a constant source of support… Bryan makes her feel safe and completely takes care of her. [He’s her] rock. It’s a sad time. Sandy is surrounded by Bryan, the kids, and her family,” a source said of the couple.

After Sandra’s emotional ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration speech, People reported that the Ocean’s 8 star recently lost her two dogs, Poppy and Ruby. Though it’s unclear how the pups passed away, both dogs had special needs as Ruby had two legs and Poppy had only three. “As soon as Sandra saw [Poppy], she thought she was wonderful. Too many people are always looking for the perfect pet, but [she’s] the type who doesn’t get caught up in how the dog looks,” shelter employee Sylvia Gyimesi from Best Buddies Rescue in Long Beach, CA, previously told People of Sandra’s pet. We hope things start looking up for Sandra soon!

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