She’s encouraging everyone to get healthy. Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola shared a video on her Instagram Story that proved she’s hopped on the celery juice trend, and she wanted her followers to give it a chance, too. “Hope you guys are all sticking to your celery journey just like me,” she said in a clip where she zoomed in slightly on a cup of liquid with some fun “celery juice” graphics added over the shot. “It has helped me so much, I know it will help you guys too. Try it out.”

Sammi, 32, is one of many celebrities who are giving the celery juice trend a shot. Life & Style exclusively spoke with the man behind the trend, Anthony William (a.k.a the Medical Medium), about why so many celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jenna Dewan are big fans back in January. The author claims that drinking celery juice as part of your routine in the long-term can help with all sorts of health concerns — including, acne, acid reflux and bloating. “This has already helped heal hundreds of thousands of people prior to actually getting into the mainstream, and now it’s millions,” he said. “There are people who are literally turning their lives around.” Apparently, Sammi is one of them!

This is not the first time the former Jersey Shore star has tried to persuade her fans to try a diet or trend. On October 9, she also wrote about being a Teami tea blends partner, and said, “Around this time of year, I would feel really uncomfortable, especially from all the extra sweets … I used to struggle with bloating, which I know comes from digestion issues and was something I’ve had my entire life. This detox has really helped me feel less bloating [sic] and has completely changed the way I’m able to live😊.”

Sammi Sweetheart Giancola Celery Juice Trend
Courtesy of Sammi Giancola/Instagram

Sammi also seems to be very into fitness in general. We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s something she and her fiancé, Christian Biscardi, have in common — because if his social media photos are anything to go by, the dude is super fit. In fact, he appears to be involved in a barbell gym in New Jersey. No word on whether he’s living that celery juice life, too, however.

The couple also seems to enjoy doing fitness-related things together. On August 4, Christian shared a photo of the two of them somewhere up high, having likely hiked there, and wrote, “Mountain stuff with the Mrs. ⛰.” In the shot, Christian smiled at the camera, while Sammi sweetly kissed him on the cheek. Couple goals!

Sammi and Christian have been engaged for a little while now, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the celery juice she’s drinking is to help her get wedding-ready  — although TBH, we don’t think she has anything to worry about!

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