Real Housewives of New York City star Sai De Silva slammed costar Brynn Whitfield for revealing a secret during filming.

In a trailer for the Season 14 midseason premiere shared on Wednesday, August 23, Sai, 42, said it was “f—ked up” for Brynn, 36, to allegedly reveal a secret of hers on camera after she shared the information privately.

“Sai told me,” Brynn explained, though didn’t reveal the information that she shared.

As the clip continued, Sai told their costars Erin Lichy, Jessel Taank and Ubah Hassan that she was upset with Brynn. However, Brynn argued she didn’t do anything wrong and claimed Sai “said it on camera.” Since Sai allegedly made the revealing comment on the Bravo show, Brynn argued she was allowed to discuss it because it was already public information.

Sai fired back by declaring, “It was not on f—king camera!”

The teaser clip was released nearly two weeks after Sai told Page Six that she was “disappointed” with Brynn amid the drama. “We had a bit of tension toward the end of filming, and there were just some things that I kind of told her that I wish she wouldn’t have said,” the reality star told the outlet in an interview published on August 11.

“And I’m such a girl’s girl. I’m very loyal,” the fashion influencer continued. “I shouldn’t have said it to her in the first place.”

Sai then shared that the secret she revealed to Brynn “wasn’t something that was overly big,” though admitted she still regrets trusting her costar with the information. She also noted that Brynn hasn’t made an effort to fix their issues. “I think she’s fine with being out of the circle,” Sai said.

Brynn isn’t the only person Sai has drama with in the upcoming episodes. In the trailer, she was seen discussing Jessel’s sexless marriage with her husband, Pavit Randhawa.

RHONY’s Sai De Silva Slams Brynn Whitfield For Revealing Secret on Camera: ‘F–ked Up’
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“Did you know her husband is going to Vietnam? What’s in Vietnam?” Sai asked Erin, 36, while chatting via FaceTime about Pavit. Erin sarcastically responded that she knows “some things that are in Vietnam.”

In another scene, Jessel, 43, accused Erin of influencing Sai to not like her. “Erin’s, like, now in her ear or sitting on her shoulder, whatever the f—k parrots do,” she told Pavit.

The drama escalated during a party, which Erin attended in a parrot costume to poke fun at Jessel’s insult. “This is my pet parrot. Don’t talk to her!” Sai told Jessel as Erin stood nearby. “Don’t talk to my pet parrot!”

Season 14 RHONY airs on Bravo on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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