Seeing red. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s husband, Luis Ruelas, has fans questioning why he appears to have a scarlet hue on camera. While some fans believe his tone is from too much tanning, Teresa insists the redness is from something else entirely. Keep reading for details on why Luis’ skin is so red. 

Why Is Luis Ruelas’ Skin Red?

Bravo fans have been questioning the reality star’s appearance for months, with one fan even taking to Reddit to ask, “Why does he always look like somebody hard boiled him in hot water?”

“His skin is so red and looks so sore, it hurts me just to watch,” the viewer added. “I want to coat him in sunscreen.” However, according to Teresa her husband’s skin tone has nothing to do with the sun. 

The New Jersey native opened up to Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria in May 2022 where the pair discussed one habit that both their husbands share. 

“People say on TV [Luis] looks red,” Teresa explained to her Florida counterpart. “In person, he doesn’t look like that.”

The mother of four went on to say that Luis is “obsessed” with steam showers, adding that the showers might be the cause of the redness.

“He’s obsessed with it, and it keeps your skin looking really good,” she added. “That’s something that he does every day.”

Alexia – who is married to Todd Nepola – chimed in saying that the real estate investor is also a huge fan.

“Every day he goes to the steam and he’s just like a different man when he comes back,” Alexia said as Teresa nodded in agreement. 

“I never steamed before, and then when I met him, he introduced me to [steaming],” Teresa added. “But when I first get my hair done, I don’t go in the steam, cause I’m like I have to save my hair or my lashes.”

Can Steam Showers Cause Redness?

While steaming is generally harmless, only requiring clean water and heat, aesthetician Stephanie Diliberto previously told the Cleveland Clinic that some patients should refrain from using steam in their skincare.

“If you’re prone to redness or rosacea or have broken capillaries on the skin, I don’t recommend steaming,” Diliberto explained. “The heat can exacerbate redness because it brings more blood flow to the surface of the skin.”

She went on to say that people with sensitive skin or those who suffer from eczema might also experience redness after steaming and can “aggravate inflammatory skin conditions or sensitive skin types.”

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