Admit it, reality TV is the ultimate guilty pleasure. For some reason, watching other people’s semi-scripted lives play out while we eat ice cream on the couch equals hours of pure enjoyment. However, not all reality TV shows were created equal, and obviously we all have our favorites.

Scroll down to find out what your favorite show reveals about you (it’s more accurate than a horoscope, we swear).

Keeping Up With The Kardashians


If the Kardashians are your go-to for a reality TV fix, you’re probably pretty basic. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that — all we mean is that you’re unlikely to be a super hipster who only listens to Bon Iver/anything recorded at least a decade before you were born. But who knows, you might have a Jekyll and Hyde situation going on.

Any of The Real Housewives Shows

Real housewives beverly hills

You live for drama. You are probably the ringleader of your friends, and wield control of the group chat with an iron fist. You love to get in there and stir the pot, just like, well, pretty much every single person on these shows.

The Hills

the hills

Sorry to have to tell you this, but if The Hills is your favorite TV show, you are stuck in the past. We’re guessing you consider high school and/or college your “glory days.” Maybe it’s time to turn those daisy dukes in for a business suit.

Flip or Flop

House hunters

There are one of two options here. One is that you are a real, functioning adult who is looking for inspiration while you real-time house hunt. The other is that you are in your twenties and are watching this show from your rented studio that you can’t really afford, dreaming about the day you can throw around a million dollar budget on a five bedroom house.

Teen Mom

teen mom

Your life is not so hot right now. Maybe you’re in a career rut, just went through a crappy breakup, or honestly can’t remember the last time you did laundry. Whatever it is, you make yourself feel better because at least you didn’t get pregnant while you were in high school. Then you realize that all of these teen moms are more successful than you because they’re TV stars, and it’s back to square one.

The Bachelor Franchise

the bachelorette

You are definitely a girls-girl. You like to spend your Monday nights surrounded by your girlfriends, drinking a bottle (or three) of wine, and discussing the pros and cons of trying to find true love on national TV. You also like getting mani-pedis and don’t date anyone unless your friends like them too.

The Great British Bake Off

great british bake off

You are truly a grandma at heart. You will always chose to stay in with a cup of tea and a movie over going out partying, and when you do go out you tend to spend the night looking after your friends.

The Voice

the voice

You feel like you are a bit of a wallflower, but are just biding your time before you shock everyone with the incredible secret talents you’ve been hiding. You are also close to your family, and like to go home and watch this show with them, while you all root for your favorites.

Shark Tank

shark tank

You definitely have big career aspirations, and even if you’re not there yet, you know that one day you will be ruling the world (or at least the boardroom.) You’re convinced that you could go onto this show with a killer idea, wow the judges, and impress them with your cool, businesslike demeanor. You just haven’t done it because you’re busy planning what to do when you get an inevitable pay raise.

Dance Moms

dance moms

You are a little bit Type A, and this show gives you reassurance that at least you’re not at the level of a dance mom. You tend to lead in a team setting, but sometimes you might forget that other people have good ideas too. Just saying.



You are a creative type who is fascinated by the bizarre and moving stories you see on this show. You never know, maybe you’ll find inspiration for that novel you’ve been meaning to write from an episode about someone who collects dead animals.

America’s Next Top Model

america's next top model

You are a star. You really have it all, and feel that you and Tyra Banks are kindred spirits. Good for you, just please don’t rub it in.

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