There’s something so special about sitting around on a Sunday, kicking our feet up, and watching a Real Housewives cast bicker amongst themselves until glasses and tables and curse words start flying. But whenever we’re in the middle of a Bravo marathon, we can’t help but wonder — which cast would we fit into best? Each show is different, and there’s been a lot of changeups over the years as housewives leave and rejoin the show, head to rehab, and bring in a friend so they can finally have an ally on their side. So it’d be pretty easy to slip right onto the show, right?

But before we can make any type of cameo, we need to figure out which cast to join — and who would be our competition. We gotta know what we’re up against, right? We don’t want to take on Teresa Guidice unprepared. And if Bethenny Frankel isn’t down to let us join her Skinny Girl Margarita empire, well, Real Housewives of New York City might not be the place for us.

To definitively answer that question, we created this handy little flowchart where you can follow along, weigh in on a couple topics, and figure out exactly which show is right for you. Although, TBH, if you end up on Real Housewives of Potomac, you’re probably better off staying out of the Housewives franchise. Unless you’re bringing the spice Old Bay style, you’ll likely fade into the background like the rest of these Maryland mavens. End up on Dallas and you’ve got your work cut out for you, but if you score in the top five shows, well, you’ve pretty much got it made. So which show should you star on? Follow this handy flowchart to find out.

real housewives cast flowchart

(Photos Credit: Bravo)

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