Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Rachel Beaver became a well-known face since she joined the cast in September 2019 for season 2, replacing Jade Cline who moved onto Teen Mom 2. While most fans of the MTV series love keeping up with Rachel’s daughter Hazelee’s growth, some also want to know what her mama is doing.

Keep reading to find out what Rachel’s doing outside of the reality TV life. 

Rachel Still Lives in Tennessee

The reality personality still reportedly resides in the town of Madisonville, Tennessee, which she has lived in since she joined the Teen Mom spinoff.

Rachel Shares Hazelee With Ex Drew Brooks

After Hazelee was born in February 2019, there was confusion over who her father was, as Rachel had initially claimed it was on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend Drew Brooks’ best friend, Jacob Russell. However, Rachel revealed in January 2020 that Drew was, indeed, Hazelee’s dad.

“I’ve known my baby’s father from the jump,” she wrote via Instagram Stories at the time. “Quit asking me who her dad is. Her father is clearly Drew.”

She then explained why she had originally claimed she shared Hazelee with Jacob at the beginning of her debut season.

“I just said she was Jacob’s because I was [dumb] and wanted a family so bad, and Drew didn’t want to be there for her and Jacob did,” Rachel continued. “I literally lived with Drew and had JUST broke up with him when I found out I was pregnant.”

Rachel Beaver From ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Still Lives in Tennessee and Cares for Her Daughter
Courtesy of Rachel Beaver/Instagram

Drew has had multiple run-ins with the law. He is a current inmate at the Monroe Sheriff’s Department after being arrested on March 3, 2022, for unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon, In Touch exclusively confirmed​​​​. He has a court date of March 15, 2022. No bond is set.

Back in April 2020, he was charged and arrested for violating his probation — from a previous charge of property theft in 2018 — criminal impersonation and two counts of contributing to a minor. The Sheriff’s Office reportedly found marijuana and alcohol in a car that was driven by a friend of Drew’s, and he gave the wrong name and age to the police when he was questioned, according to The Sun. As a result, he agreed to a plea deal and was found guilty of contributing to a minor.

Rachel later revealed he was released from prison in July 2020 by sharing a photo of him in the backseat of a car via Instagram Stories.

“Look who’s out,” she captioned the picture.

Although the duo seemingly kept a positive relationship with one another at the time, it’s unclear whether she keeps in touch with her ex. Her verified Instagram doesn’t feature any photos with Drew.

Rachel Features Daughter Hazelee on Her Instagram Page

Aside from a few group photos with friends, the MTV star’s Instagram feed is mostly filled with pictures of her daughter. Her first Instagram post captured a newborn Hazelee sleeping at the hospital, bundled up in a pink and white, fuzzy blanket. The shot was uploaded when Hazelee was born in February 2019.

Since then, Rachel documented her baby’s growth. By March 2022, the toddler’s blonde hair had grown out and looked adorable as ever.

“Last day here,” the mom of one captioned a carousel post that month, with Hazelee playing on the beach in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Rachel Got Into a Heated Exchange With Ashley Jones

Despite not appearing on the upcoming Teen Mom reunion retreat, per The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Rachel shared multiple Instagram Stories in March 2022 calling out fellow cast member Ashley Jones for an apparent altercation.

“Nobody even tagged you Ashley Siren [Jones], keep running that jaw,” Rachel captioned a snap. “I could give af [sic] [about] Instagram BS. I was just venting on how I felt, but you’re taking it WAY [too] far. Grow the f—k’ up, [trying] to fight a 19-year-old.”

She followed up with another allegation in a separate Story: “Isn’t one of the reasons you tried to fight the whole cast my first reunion because you thought it was fake they never replied to your messages or hit you up?” Rachel challenged. “Quit contradicting yourself, Ashley. Except, I didn’t try to fight you.”

And in one of her final public statements, Rachel took a screenshot of what appeared to be Ashley’s Twitter account, with a tweet that read, “And the moment she do, will be the last moment she ever breathes and that’s a promise.”

However, Ashley immediately contradicted the claim via her own Instagram Stories, claiming it was a “fake tweet that they made up in order to start up more drama.”

“Like I said, I never spoke bad about Madisen [Beith] or Rachel,” Ashley captioned her Story. “Clearly, they need a minute because now, they are making fake tweets. I see what’s happening. It’s weird. Also, I’m not verified on Twitter, y’all didn’t pay enough attention to detail.”

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