Reconciliation? R. Kelly‘s former live-in girlfriend, Azriel Clary, reached out to her former fellow live-in girlfriend Joycelyn Savage in a heartfelt message on Friday, April 17. Azriel, 22, seemed ready to put her differences with Joy, 24, aside after their fight to offer her support.

“Miss [you],” the aspiring singer wrote on her Instagram Story in the caption of a throwback photo with Joy. “This is when Belief had to get stitches in his paw and I was crying in the taxi and you were trying to comfort me. [You’re] beautiful and strong and one day you will remember your strength too. I know leaving was bad, but I also know you weren’t yourself, because the funny southern belle, Wing Spot lovin’, Memphis reppin’ Joy I know would never.”

azriel clary message joycelyn savage
Courtesy of Azriel Clary/Instagram

Joy and Azriel were the last two of Kelly’s live-in girlfriends and they continued to cohabitate in his Trump Tower condo after his arrest on 18 federal charges — including child pornography— in July 2019.  But in December 2019, Azriel moved out of the condo. When she returned in January to retrieve her belongings, she got into a fight with Joy who accused her of being “wrong” and “disrespectful” toward Kelly, 53, who currently remains in jail as he awaits trial in September 2020.

But now, it seems like Azriel is willing to forgive Joy. “I love you, A man should never hold you back and one that is happy to do so is not a real man. A man that does not allow you to have a life outside of him is not a man with genuine intentions. Always missing you,” she continued.

Since leaving Kelly, Azriel has spoken out about her experiences with the “I Believe I Can Fly singer, whom she met when she was 17 years old. She alleged Kelly was “controlling” and “abusive” toward her during their relationship in an interview with The Sun in January.

“[I] could not do anything without him knowing. You have to ask him if you could go to the restroom, you would have to knock anytime you would enter or left a room. You couldn’t make calls without him knowing. You definitely had to wear very loose clothing, anything that was tight-hugging, revealing, even a simple shirt like this,” she said, gesturing to the white long-sleeved V-neck shirt she had been wearing at the time of the interview. “I wouldn’t have been able to wear.”

Kelly has previously denied all allegations of sexual abuse.

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