It’s a serious talk many couples have, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no exception. Just weeks before their May 19 wedding, the royal and the American actress sat down and discussed secrets — and indiscretions — from their past.

“Meghan asked Harry if there was anything she should know,” a source exclusively told In Touch. And there certainly was. Harry decided to confess all about the infamous 2012 night he partied hard in Las Vegas, got naked while playing billiards, and was photographed with strippers. “He insisted he didn’t sleep with anyone and that it was just drunken high jinks,” continues the source. “But Meghan totally lost it.”

So much so, she secretly flew back to the United States to cool off and reassess. Under intense pressure after giving up her career, moving to the U.K. and planning the wedding of the century, Meghan, 36, “reached the breaking point,” says the source.

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And in the midst of Harry, 33, and Meghan’s blowup, one of the women he spent time with that evening — England-born dominatrix and former stripper Carrie Royale — told In Touch about her wild night with the prince six years ago — including their steamy make out session in the bedroom of his suite! “It was really hot,” says Carrie. “He’s a good kisser. His hands were everywhere. His mouth was everywhere. It was a Cinderella moment.”

On that now-infamous day in August 2012, Carrie was lounging by the pool at the Wynn hotel when a security guard approached her. “He was scoping the scene. He said, ‘I know of a great party this evening. Would you like to go?’ He mentioned Prince Harry would be there, so I said, ‘Absolutely!'” Carrie recalls. “I knew he was in Vegas. It was right after the Summer Olympics, and a lot of celebrities were in town.”

The guard told her to meet him in the lobby, and he escorted her upstairs around midnight. Security around the prince was predictably tight. “The guard brought me to the door, and the door was opened by another security guard standing outside,” she says. But upon entering, Carrie was in disbelief.

“When I walked in, I was scoping the room,” she says, “seeing if this was the real deal [and thinking], ‘Was this really Harry’s party?'” Indeed it was. About 15 people — including the “spare heir” — were in attendance. And Harry was naked, playing a game of strip billiards.

“He looked up and saw me right away. He had a big smile on his face. I smiled back,” she says. “It was very surprising to me that he was so comfortable.” Carrie says she almost had to pinch herself. “It was almost like a surreal dream state,” she says. “Not only is it Prince Harry, but it’s Prince Harry, naked. Am I really going to party with the prince?”

Any doubts she had about what was happening vanished when she spoke with him. “I introduced myself,” she says. “I told him I was born in England. He was like, ‘We could be related.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, you are drinking!’ Everyone was talking and getting to know each other.”

Within a couple of hours, Harry and Carrie got to know each other much better, she says. At one point, she excused herself. “I was trying to figure out where the bathroom was. I went into the one in the bedroom suite,” she says. When Carrie emerged, the prince — who was drinking vodka and cranberry juice, she says — stood by the window…still naked.

“He definitely has a royal body. I know that he’s had military training, and that’s hot to me. He’s very in shape,” Carrie says.The skyline caught her attention, too. “It was gorgeous. You’re in Vegas. The suite is all windows and the curtains are open. You have this beautiful sight of all the lights and the Vegas strip. It just kind of overtakes you,” she says.

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Caught up in the moment, Carrie says, she felt bold. “He’s standing there, and I thought, I’m going to take this opportunity to approach him.” So she did. “I just went for it. I laid in the kiss. We were hot and heavy. He was very passionate. It was fun.” (Kensington Palace has previously called Carrie’s story “untrue.”)

The two put on quite a show. “While I’m making out with him, other people were coming in and out of the room” to use the bathroom, says Carrie — but Harry didn’t seem to care. “And I’m just like, ‘OK, if it doesn’t bother him, then I’m not bothered by this.'” After about 20 minutes of hooking up, they both rejoined the party. “He said, ‘Good to meet you. I loved our time together,'” recalls Carrie, who retired to her own room by 4 a.m. “I went up to him and gave him a little kiss on the lips, and then we kissed each other on the cheek and he kissed me on the forehead. It was sweet. And then I left.”

Meghan is not about to exit Harry’s life so quickly. The source says that when Meghan was in the U.S., her mom, Doria Ragland, talked some sense into the former Suits star, who was wed to producer Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013. “She told her she was the luckiest girl in the world and not to worry,” according to the source. “Doria pointed out that Meghan had a past, too, and she had been married. Meghan saw the light, phoned Harry — and in a tearful call said she loved him and was on her way home.”

Meanwhile, Harry confided in brother William and his wife, Kate Middleton. “He was very upset and worried he’d lost the love of his life, but they said Meghan was just having a ‘wobble,’ which she would get over,” says the source. “They were right, of course. Now it’s full steam ahead to the wedding!”

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