Forging their own path! Princess Diana’s former assistant, Paul Burrell, told Life & Style in an exclusive video interview that he thinks Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle will blaze their own trail going forward as a royal couple in the future. “I see them going forward in their own individual way,” Paul predicted while promoting his new documentary Princess Diana’s ‘Wicked’ Stepmother. “I see them making their own rules. The way Diana did. After all, Diana’s inspiration and Diana’s knowledge from the past is invaluable to them now.”

Paul was also asked what advice he’d give the couple regarding any negative press. “I am reminded of Princess Diana’s candidness and honesty in this interview,” he said, referring to Duchess Meghan, 38, opening up about her struggles with being a new wife and mom and dealing with the British tabloids. “I saw someone raw, hurt, and vulnerable. Much the same as Princess Diana did to the world. She shouted out loud, ‘look at me! I’m suffering inside this family.’ And I think we saw a little of that with Meghan and Harry.”

Prince Harry Duchess Meghan Will Make Own Rule Princess Diana Former Assistant

However, he added that if the public is given a “constant drip” of similar interviews, “It will hurt their reputation. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think you will see the royal couple go very quiet in the next few weeks as they celebrate Thanksgiving in America with Archie, and so they should. It’s time for some family time for the Sussexes.” He also claimed that he thinks Princess Diana “would have embraced” and “guided” Duchess Meghan if she were still around.

The royal expert also predicted, “I think that Meghan will have a baby very soon. A. The clock’s ticking. B. She wants at least two children and C. Have you not noticed the way she knots everything in front of her belly and tries to hide her tummy? Could she already be pregnant?” He also believes Prince Harry’s brother, Prince William, and his wife, Duchess Kate Middleton, will welcome another baby in the future. “There’ll be four babies for Kate and William,” he said in the same interview.

Prince Harry Duchess Meghan Will Make Own Rule Princess Diana Former Assistant

“It’s so sad she’s not here now to enjoy Harry’s life and her new grandbabies,” Paul said of Diana. We’re sure she would have loved them.

Reporting by Diana Cooper.

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