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CBD has helped a lot of people combat and fight against the ailments that they were plagued by. Its popularity has shot up so much that millions and millions of people all over the globe have begun using it, after many nations such as USA, Germany, France, Denmark and many others legalized it. The chink in the armor for most over-the-counter prescriptions is the long term effects that it comes with. Aspirin, which is a painkiller can cause heart complications over years of use, and the chances for addiction are also up there! This is one of the reasons why CBD has been welcomed by many as an alternative…

But what is surprising is that, it is not only humans but also our fellow critters that can also benefit from this miracle drug. We talk about the dos and don’ts when it comes to including CBD into your pets lives.

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is an active substance you find when extracting cannabis plant. You also find them in marijuana plants as well. The CBD is one of the many such active compounds you’ll find among THC, Flavonoids etc. and all of these are classified under “Cannabinoids”.

Will My Pets Become High On Consuming CBD?

No. It entirely depends on how much you’re giving them, but if it is what is prescribed by a vet then chances of intoxication occurring is close to nil. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance, which is in contrast with THC which is a psychoactive substance. The feeling of giddiness and euphoria you experience when you smoke or ingest marijuana is because of this “THC”. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is present in varying quantities with CBD oil consisting of the least and Rick Simpson oil containing the maximum THC content. But for a marijuana or hemp-derived CBD oil the percentage is in the ball park figure of 0.3%, which is not nearly enough to get your pets “high”!

Whatever it is, do not self-prescribe! Consult a vet and they will instruct you on what dosage you should give your pets such that they will best benefit from it.

How Does CBD Help My Pets?

All mammals contain what is called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS is responsible for a lot of vital functions pertaining to the cardiovascular and immune system. The ECS has neuron receptors which interact with cannabinoids that are produced in your pet’s body. The interaction creates effects, which is exactly how CBD works as well. It is this which creates the plethora of CBD benefits, that tower over CBD’s side effects!

What To Do?

  • Only Take CBD Products That Are Tested And Confirmed To Be Free Of Additives: The CBD has to be from a certified source which stands by its quality! It must be free of heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides that could wreck with your beloved pets body
  • Look At The THC Content: CBD products with minimal THC content has been shown to provide added therapeutic effects when it combines with other cannabinoids in the CBD. However, higher concentration of CBD is lethal and toxic for your pets! Be sure to consult a vet and ask for their advice.
  • Go For CBD Products That Are Extracted Using COOr Alcohol: When CBD is extracted from marijuana using COor alcohol; it leaves behind very few traces of chemicals that could be toxic to your pets



Dos Don’ts
Look at the THC content Do Not Self-Prescribe
Go for CBD products that are extracted using COor Alcohol Do not use CBD for pets that are pregnant
Go for CBD products that are tested and certified Do not start with high doses

What Not To Do?

  • Do Not Self-Prescribe: You will not know if the CBD will interact with the medication that your pet is currently under, or if it will help it to the extent needed. The consultation and supervision of a certified vet is needed to decide the dosage of the CBD.
  • Do Not Use CBD For Pets That Are Pregnant: The mother and the unborn child is held by a sacred connection, which means that whatever is put in the mother’s body also ends up being in the baby’s body. The CBD in the bloodstream of the pet could potentially end up in the baby stunting its growth and causing deformities! So NO CBD for pregnant pets!
  • Do Not Start With High Doses: Always start with low doses, and see if your pets are reacting well to it. There have been cases of allergic reactions to the CBD product which has done more harm than good. If your pets are responding well, increase it stepwise to the targeted dosage advised by the vet.

CBD can be a life saver, not just for you but for your pets as well. They brighten you after a long hard day at work, and now it is time you return the favor!


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