Former Saturday Night Live costars Pete Davidson and Colin Jost shocked fans when they announced they bought a ferry together. Since making the pricey purchase, the comedians have ​kept fans up to date about their business endeavor. What have they revealed about their ferry?

When Did Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Buy Their Ferry?

Pete and Colin went into business with Manhattan real estate broker and comedy club owner Paul Italia to buy a decommissioned ferry boat at an auction in January 2022.

The Staten Island ferry cost a whopping $280,000.

What Will Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Do With Their Ferry?

Paul explained that the trio had “grand plans” for the vessel when speaking to the New York Post in January 2022.

“The idea is to turn the space into a live entertainment event space, with comedy, music, art, et cetera,” he said at the time. “We’re in the early stages, but everybody involved had the same ambition — not to see this thing go to the scrapyard.”

What Has Pete Davidson Said About the Ferry?

Pete shared an update about the ferry while appearing on Seth Meyers’ “Family Trips” podcast on June 28, 2023.

“So, we just got all the plans built,” the Meet Cute star said. “We had them do one of those computer generated, you know, show-you-what-it-could-be type of thing. And now we’re out to a few people and it seems like it’s all going well, but it’s definitely five years away.”

Pete continued to share their big plans for the vessel.

“We wanna be able to dock it from April to September, maybe October, in New York and it will be like a restaurant. There will be a concert venue. There will be a movie theater, upstairs like, sort of, restaurant area,” the comedian said. “And then there’s hotels in it. So, we’ll have a couple of those. And then in the winter tug it to Miami.”

Pete Davidson Says His and Colin Jost's Ferry Put Them 'in the Hole': Everything We Know

After Seth noted it seems like the trio thought through the plans, Pete admitted they were “in the hole.”

“Colin called me and he’s like, ‘Hey, can you hop on this call about the ferry?’ And I was like, ‘We’re still doing that thing?!’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. This is pretty serious.’ And it is,” he recalled. “I had no idea. I saw a link and sent a deposit and now I’m stuck with a f–king boat. It’s really funny, dude.”

What Features Will Be Included on the Ferry?

Architect Ron Castellano, who has partnered with the comedians on the project, confirmed that renovations on the vessel will begin soon during an interview with Curbed in March 2024.

He explained that the partners are in the process of creating designs to transform the ferry into a $34 million venue, which will include hotel rooms, two restaurants and six bars.

“It’s going to have a lot of things,” Ron explained about the venue. “I think right now, we have six bars and two venues operated separately or combined. We have outdoor event space, we have restaurants — two restaurants. It’s a big boat, almost 300 feet long, 65,000 square feet. That’s one and a half times the size of Nine Orchard Hotel.”

While the venue will feature 24 hotel rooms with private sundecks, Ron said that they don’t have plans to add a pool. “A pool is something that keeps coming up. We’re going back and forth,” he shared. “There’s a little Jacuzzi kind of thing, but not a full-on pool. We’d have to do a floating pool.”

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