There’s nothing funny about former Saturday Night Live costars Colin Jost and Pete Davidson‘s bromance hitting rough waters as their joint ferry business venture sinks like a stone.

The once-close comics bought a decommissioned ferry boat in 2023 for $280,100 with big plans to turn it into a floating nightclub, but they got in over their heads.

“What began as a promising venture has devolved into bitter disappointment, serving as a stark reminder of the perils of mixing business with friendship,” a friend exclusively tells In Touch.

The source adds, “While Colin is scrambling to assemble a competent team, Pete seems to have gone AWOL. It remains to be seen whether their friendship can weather the storm!”

Davidson previously shared an update about the ferry while appearing on Seth Meyers‘ “Family Trips” podcast in June 2023. “So, we just got all the plans built,” the King of Staten Island star said. “We had them do one of those computer-generated, you know, show-you-what-it-could-be type of thing. And now we’re out to a few people and it seems like it’s all going well, but it’s definitely five years away.”

At the time, the comedian said he and Jost wanted to be able to “dock it from April to September, maybe October, in New York and it will be like a restaurant,” adding: “There will be a concert venue. There will be a movie theater, upstairs like, sort of, restaurant area. And then there’s hotels in it. So, we’ll have a couple of those. And then in the winter tug it to Miami.”

After Meyers noted it seems like the trio thought through the plans, Davidson admitted they were “in the hole.”

He added, “Colin called me and he’s like, ‘Hey, can you hop on this call about the ferry?’ And I was like, ‘We’re still doing that thing?!’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. This is pretty serious.’ And it is. I had no idea. I saw a link and sent a deposit and now I’m stuck with a f–king boat. It’s really funny, dude.”

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