Hands up: Who feels lazy watching this? 90 Day Fiancé star Paola Mayfield‘s latest workout video is certainly inspiring, particularly if you’re looking for ideas for a New Year’s resolution. The reality series star is pregnant and still manages to get some wicked workouts in as often as possible. Can you say “commitment”?

Paola posted her latest workout video to her Instagram with the caption, “The less time I have the more I like to perform superset exercises!” then detailed exactly what her workout entailed. It included a “Corner Deadlift w/ T Barbell low row 3×20,” a “Standing Hip Abduction using Resistance Band w/ Single Arm Shoulder Press 3×20,” and a “Corner Barbell Squat to Shoulder Press 3×20,” whatever all that means. Check out the video below to see Paola demonstrating her fitness moves.

The 90 Day Fiancé star also hashtagged the post with things like “#pregancyworkout” and “fitmom” to further drive home how impressive her routine is. Most people struggle to fit a regular workout into their day, even without the added challenge of a pregnancy!

But the truth is, this is actually sort of standard operating procedure for Paola. She regularly shares videos and photos from her workout routines, putting the rest of us to shame. She continues to post these snapshots from her #fitlife, despite the fact that people have shamed her for exercising while pregnant in the past.

Paola and her husband, Russ Mayfield, are expecting their first child together. The baby is a boy, and we are sure Paola is doing everything she can to make sure he’s strong and healthy, especially after the couple experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage earlier this year.

It would probably be a good idea for all the people who spend time criticizing the reality TV star for her workouts to actually spend some time coming up with their own routines, huh?

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