When we think of Paola Mayfield, we think of extreme workouts and an amazing diet, but no one is immune to pregnancy cravings! On Aug. 24, the 90 Day Fiancé star’s hubby Russ Mayfield revealed what snack his lady is lusting after now that she’s expecting their first baby! 

On Aug. 24, Pao posted a photo of some delicious-looking chocolate covered strawberries on Insta Stories with the caption, “thanks baby,” and tagged her hubby. Russ then posted a screenshot saying, “and she says she doesn’t have cravings… #pregnantwife.” He also added, “you’re very welcome darling.” How darn cute are they?

paola mayfield cravings

(Credit: Instagram Stories)

While Paola may be craving a treat here and there, she’s been doing an amazing job of keeping up a healthy diet while pregnant. She often posts her healthy meals like eggs and veggies, and shows off her amazing workout routines as well, which include cardio, weights, and resistance training.

However, her exercise has recently caught her some hate from followers, who think she’s pushing it too hard while she’s expecting. Pao was forced to clap back at them by sharing the opinion of a health professional who says it’s healthy to work out during pregnancy. She’s also been working closely with her doc to make sure everything she’s doing is a-okay, because she doesn’t want to take any chances after her recent miscarriage. 

It seems like Russ has become the head chef of the household while Pao is expecting. On top of getting her chocolate covered strawberries, he also recently showed off his cooking skills by making a nutrient-filled bone broth which he froze so he and Pao could have a quick and easy healthy snack whenever they need one. What a great team!

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