Uh oh! OutDaughtered star Adam Busby is getting daddy-shamed for pranking his adorable quintuplets! The TLC star has been doing “Daddy ScareCam” recently where he comes up behind the girls and makes loud noises, and a lot of fans think it’s not funny, but mean! Watch the video below to see why they’re so mad!

Despite all of the haters, a lot of people also came to defend Adam for his silly prank. “It’s a bummer that certain people have to ruin such a sweet and innocent post,” wrote one fan. “Either way I thought it was cute; be careful Adam, Hazel Basil is going to get back at you lol.” Plenty of others agreed, saying things like “he’s having fun!” an “the kids are smiling!”

But can scaring your kids for fun have negative effects? Licensed psychotherapist Lyss Stern, founder of DivaMoms.com told Today that it’s really about how the kid receives it. “If they’re really getting upset, you should stop,” she explained. “You’ve gone too far. But, if they’re having fun with it, you should have fun with it.” Her partner, Stacy Kaiser, used the example of Jimmy Kimmel telling parents to pretend they ate their kids’ Halloween candy. “I laughed, too, when I saw it, until I viewed it as my therapist self. The truth is, these kids are hurt. Some of them are crying. The value of candy to kids is huge! It’s like money to grown-ups.” Luckily, none of the quints are crying, they all seem to enjoy the joke.

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Our house stays pretty dang busy, so when I get moments like this you just have to stop and take it all in. This is what it’s all about right here. #daddysgirls #outdaughtered

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Adam and Danielle seem like nothing but fun and loving parents to us, and we’re willing to bet that their six daughters agree. The couple has a six-year-old named Blayke, plus their two-year-old quints. The couple certainly wouldn’t do anything to harm their kids, especially after the journey they took to get them! Danielle struggled with infertility before finally getting pregnant thanks to intrauterine insemination.

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