If you’re one of the 50 million Americans who live with chronic pain, you know just how difficult getting through each day can be. But thanks to groups like the American Chronic Pain Association — which aims to help those suffering by raising awareness and offering support, educational materials and communication tools — people’s lives don’t have to be consumed by their aliments.

“We provide a path to dignity and empowerment for people with pain,” says Penney Cowan, the founder and CEO of the ACPA. “[With our help], they can leave behind the role of passive patient and become an active participant in both their health care and their life.”

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, In Touch has some helpful tips for helping you manage your pain naturally as a means to living your best life.

Back Pain
Tommie Copper


Support Yourself:
The lower back is one of the most common places aches and pain occur. We’ve found that the best way to treat it is with compression. The Lower Back Support Tank Top — from the premium compression-wear brand Tommie Copper — isn’t only super comfortable, it also offers all-day support for your lower back. This silky tank, which is perfect to wear as a base layer, will also discreetly slim and smooth your tummy. Have we mentioned that we’re obsessed? ($59.50, available at tommiecopper.com)

Womens Tank in Black
Tommie Copper

Full Body Compression:
Active wear needs to do its job. These days that means your active wear needs to provide comfort and breathability and be stylish (and flattering!) enough to wear in and out of the gym. Tommie Copper’s lineup of compression workout gear does the trick, providing all-day comfort and pain relief, perfect for those aches and pains post workout.


TC Sleeves
Tommie Copper

The perfect pain relieving yet stylish duo? Tommie Copper’s Women’s Performance Compression Sleeves ($34.50 at TommieCopper.com) and the Performance Compression Legging ($64.50 available at TommieCopper.com).


TC legging
Tommie Copper



Find Your Zen:
Studies have shown that stress can wreak havoc on your mind and body. Daily meditation, which incorporates deep, controlled breathing techniques, is a great way to reduce anxiety and, in turn, decrease pain.



Get Moving:
Yes, you read that right! Unused muscles tend to feel more pain than toned ones. So, with your health care provider, create a modest exercise program for yourself. It’ll help you feel better from the inside out.



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