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The days are getting longer, the temperatures continue to rise, and summertime fun is right around the corner. Making the most of summer is on everyone’s bucket list, especially after the year we have all had! If you are looking for a simple way to ensure your best summer yet, consider adding CBD to warm weather mix. From aiding in stress relief to helping reduce pain, CBD has a variety of potential benefits that could really up the ante of your summertime fun.

Let’s see how adding CBD to your routine could optimize the warm months ahead and check out a few easy (and tasty) ways to take your CBD all summer long.


“Chill Out” All Summer

If you’re idea of a great summer includes sitting pool side, walking through the park or camping in the mountains, we are right there with you. Sadly, even during summertime, life cannot always be all play. Whether its work, family or personal duties, there are inevitably things that weigh on the mind and can detract from the excitement of summer plans.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, could help keep your stress at bay while making sure your summer plans stay on track. CBD works directly with the human body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), binding with receptors to impact the brain and body. Because of this interaction, CBD is gaining more and more popularity for its potentially powerful stress relieving properties.

By adding CBD to your daily summer routine, you could maintain a more positive mindset, reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression. CBD’s interaction with the ECS helps to naturally create balance or homeostasis, which is perfect for helping you “chill out” all summer long.


Summertime Pain Solution

Staying active with summer activities is what most of us are looking forward to doing, so don’t let pain or inflammation slow you down. Whether you are excited to hike, swim, bike or move your hammock from one corner of the backyard to the other, making sure your body is feeling good and in full motion can be helpful to getting the most out of your favorite summertime doings.

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and could aid in pain management and mitigation, making it the perfect addition to your summer routine. CBD’s interaction with the ECS provides a natural alternative to prescription pain medications, reducing pain and inflammation messages from being transmitted throughout the body and brain. CBD could be your perfect summertime sidekick, whether in the form of a topical or a consumable product, CBD and summer are a match made in warm weather paradise.


Cool Off This Summer With CBD 

Add some CBD to your next summer outing with a CBD edible, oil or topical cream. By using a CBD edible, you can find relief on-the-go, whether you need a mood boost mid-hike or a little pain reduction while lounging on the beach. Using a CBD oil can be great for quick relief that lasts throughout the day with the proper dose. A CBD topical can be perfect for targeted relief, if you have a particularly sore area that needs extra attention this summer. Here are a few ways to take your CBD this summer season:

  • Add a dropper-full of CBD oil to your iced tea or lemonade for the perfect summertime beverage (OR make the best Arnold Palmer you’ve ever had with the addition of CBD)
  • Put a dropper-full of CBD oil on a slice of juicy watermelon, for a refreshing and therapeutic slice of summer treat
  • Add a dropper-full of CBD oil to your morning smoothie to start the summer day right (check out a simple CBD smoothie recipe here)

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