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The Rolling Weirdness of the Duggars’ Retro Special, ‘On the Road With 16 Kids’

You may have traveled the world with the Duggars on dozens of dare we say cringe-worthy occasions, but you don't know the definition of pain until you go On the Road with 16 Children. See, before Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting or even 17 Kids and Counting but after 14 Children and Pregnant Again and — well, you get the point, there was this. The special documented the Duggars journey from Arkansas to Disneyland, which…seems like a strange vacation pick because the family has no emotional ties to modern pop culture. Like maybe they know who Donald Duck is? Homeboy is a pantsless heathen, though, so even that's a stretch.

The reality is that TLC had since learned how to capitalize on the family's hugeness, and when offered a paid-for vacation Jim Bob and Michelle were probably like, "lol sure." You know how the Duggars love their freebies.

Whatever the motive, watching On the Road with 16 Children is, in a word, a trip. Gaze at the majesty of several barely-supervised kids dangerously close to the Grand Canyon. Michelle and Jim Bob grimace at the sight of six little Duggars piled up in one bed. Laugh uncontrollably as Michelle tries to explain that they have safety methods in place, then don't explain what those methods are: "There's definitely…there has to be rules or else there would be chaos. Still yet sometimes there's chaos anyway, but the fun part is as we go along we just have to make boundaries for safety. Safety is fun."

Laugh harder as a 7-year-old wildly whips around Johannah's baby carrier. Then cry.

And that's just the start of it! Pack up your primary colored polos and take a seat in the Duggar motorhome…unless you're Josh in which case you have to be in a segregated boys-only van. You know why.

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