Offset recently dropped his new album FATHER OF 4, allowing fans to get an inside look at his parenting journey. The rapper, 27, showed up to The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, February 27, to get real about his relationships with his children, and the important choices he and wife Cardi B have made for their little one, Kulture.

Despite his own extravagant tastes, Offset surprisingly confessed he does not want his kids to be spoiled. While most A-list celeb children are homeschooled, or enrolled in private school, he “keeps [his] kids in public school,” he told The Breakfast Club. On top of that, he and Cardi don’t use a nanny to care for their baby and choose to do it all themselves. Sure, he can technically attempt to not spoil his kids with private planes and Gucci clothing too much … but at the end of the day, the older kids are already aware of how much money their daddy has.

He hilariously told the story of an incident his child had at school. “My dad has more money than yours,” his son said to another kid. Probably true … but just like most dads, he was not happy about his son’s rude statement. Offset has many times praised his 9-year-old son for being an athlete, and touched on how he plays basketball and football in his album. On “Tats On My Face” the proud papa can be heard saying, “He’s only 9 years old and he has a 65-yard range, four tackles.” Honestly, it’s really not all fun and games in Offsets’ household, he makes his children earn their money in the old fashion way — cleaning the house and their bedrooms. You go, Dad!

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The Migos artist explained that the album focuses on his personal life as a father to all of his kids, considering most people “only know about Kulture.” The cover of his album, which features him decked out as a Pharaoh sitting on a throne with his four children, Jordyn, Kody, Kalea and Kulture by his side, was simply not easy to create. “Originally, the album cover was originally going to be the debut of Kulture’s face, but that obviously changed when Cardi B decided to post a pic of Kulture right after she split from Offset,” a source associated with the album’s production told Us Weekly. He went on to explain how frustrating the photo shoot was, joking around saying that Kulture was the most difficult kid … granted, she is the youngest. “She was crying, she was not trying to sit down period,” he said while laughing.

Of course, he also addressed the issues surrounding his wife, Cardi B, and how scared he was when he almost lost her. In his album, he sings out his apology to Cardi, “I apologize, Breaking your heart, breaking our promise, breaking God’s promise, and being a selfish and messed up husband … I’m tryna be a better person,” he sings.

As for a collab between the two -love birds, it will happen one day. But, for now, but he wants his wife to “build up her career as a Grammy artist.” Don’t worry, when they do release their work together, Offset claims it will be “done the right way.” We can’t wait.

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