Nothing is more daring than stepping on an ice rink in front of your friends. Magnify that by millions of viewers and the experience becomes much more intense. Such was the case with the second installment of ABC’s Skating With the Stars as the six daring celebrities attempted some elaborate dance moves combined with the skating skills they have acquired over the past six weeks. While most proved competent on the ice, the weekly fall count rose by three with Vince Neil falling once and Sean Young falling twice during their routines.

With an impressive beginning and excellent recovery, the judges praised Sean’s routine — but unfortunately a fall had to be reflected in the scores awarded. Sean received a 12 for technical ability and 18 for artistic merit. However, after combining scores from last week’s routine with the viewer votes, it was not enough to keep Sean in the competition.

“It’s okay. I don’t have to rehearse tomorrow, so there are two edges to this,” Sean told In Touch after the show about her elimination. For Sean, it was disappointing her partner, Denis Petukhov, that hurt more than falling on the ice; however, Denis assures In Touch this is not the case.

Next week, all eyes, including Sean’s, will be on show front-runner Rebecca Budig, who, for the second week in a row, completed a flawless routine and scored high. “Rebecca Budig is certainly doing well,” says Sean. “She looks really good up there. It’s her training from when she was younger, a memory has been awoken and I think that is wonderful.” Then Sean adds, “But I’m not rooting for anyone specific, as just having the competitors show up is wonderful. They have courage and will all learn something from it.”

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Skating With the Stars
Sean Young & Denis Petukhov
Eliminated: November 29

Q: Are you sad the experience is over?
It’s okay. I don’t have to rehearse tomorrow, so there are two edges to this. But mostly I am sad because I feel I have disappointed my partner. He worked really hard with me, but he has assured me that is not the case. Trying and doing your best is the thing.
Denis: Not at all, you didn’t disappoint me.

Q: You started out so well, but then you stumbled.
I should have banned the word “fall” last week. Getting up again is not the hard part. I was surprised by falling, as it is something no one expects. But in the middle of it, I just thought, “Let’s go.” I looked at Denis and that was it. You don’t have a whole lot of time to think. If you fall you have only one option: Get back up. It’s been a great learning experience. I love that I got trained by Denis Petukhov and had so much support from his wife, Melissa. They are professionals and I will never miss a performance of theirs again. It’s been a wonderful experience.

Q: Will you continue to skate?
Yeah. There are some skating rinks here, so I will take the boys and see what they think.

Q: What will you take away from this?
That I had the discipline and focus to attempt it. And that I had the courage to try. That was really what I learned and that trying is booting up and showing up, you can’t try by lying in bed watching TV. There are a lot of people who will watch the show and never have the experience of trying it — and it is challenging. Falling on ice is like facing the abyss; it’s really a terror. So I feel I faced it and am happy the first routine went well. The second one didn’t, but I got back up and I am not going to kill myself over it.
Denis: The first part went so well and it was just a tiny fall, but we got back up and kept going. That is the most important thing.

Q: Are you hurting from the fall?
No I’m okay, I really am. There is a little bit of relief, since this will get more challenging as the competitors move forward.

Q: Apart from Bengay, what else is in your future?
A little Christmas activity, and I’m looking forward to being with my boys. I have been busy with this and it’s been super.

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