Nothing like starting off 2019 by fighting with your ex, right? Well, that’s exactly what Nicki Minaj did. The “Super Bass” singer and Meek Mill broke up almost two years ago, but it sounds like she still has him on her mind, as she called him out at her recent concert in Australia.

On Jan. 5, an Instagram user uploaded a video where the rapper paused from her song “Barbie Dreams” right after the lyrics, “Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him / I used to pray for times like this / Face a— when I f—k him.”

She then added, “I mean, I could tell you secrets but I won’t, ‘cause being a bitter b—h is what I don’t.” Spill the tea, girl!

Of course, Meek heard about Nicki’s comments and couldn’t help but share his opinion on Twitter.

On Jan. 5, he wrote, “Why you be soo mad at me and not the people that came right at ya neck! I’m cool, I’m doing good, lol something is wrong here.”

He added, “Leave me alone you know I get a lil too out of control with the truth!” before ending with, “Keep it classy.”

This isn’t the first time the Grammy nominee has stirred the pot, either. In September 2018, Nicki and Cardi B got into a fight at a New York Fashion Week party, where the 36-year-old apparently made some comments about the “I Like It Like That” singer’s parenting skills. According to Radar, the 26-year-old threw a shoe in Nicki’s direction.

After they went back and forth on social media, Nicki seemed like she was ready to put the past behind them. She wrote on Twitter, “OK you guys, let’s focus on positive things from here on out. We’re all so blessed. I know this stuff is entertaining and funny to a lot of people, but I know I won’t be discussing this nonsense anymore. Thank you for the support and encouragement year after year. Love you.”

Looks like Nicki isn’t ready to let go of any ~drama~ just yet.

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