It’s been more than two years since Nick Gordon found himself mixed up in the death of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, which he was found legally responsible for. And his complicated history doesn’t end there; his sordid past also includes allegations of violence, in addition to being arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend in June 2017.

Though he was highly involved in BK’s death, not much is known about Nick, who has gone in and out of the spotlight in recent years. Keep reading to find out the answers to the most-asked questions about Nick Gordon.

How were Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon connected?

Bobbi Kristina and Nick had a complicated past. Nick was taken in by Whitney Houston when he was 12 years old after his biological family could no longer take care of him — at the time Bobbi Kristina was eight years old. In March 2012, following Whitney’s death, Nick went on the record saying that he and Bobbi Kristina were just friends at the time — not siblings or romantically involved. But then in July 2013, the two announced their engagement and later claimed to be married — which was disputed by her father’s lawyer.

bobbi kristina brown and nick gordon

How did Bobbi Kristina Brown die?

On Jan. 31, 2015, Bobbi Kristina was found face down in a bathtub at her home that she shared with Nick in Roswell, GA. She was then transported to a hospital where doctors put her in a medically induced coma for six months, after which she died in a hospice on July 26, 2015 at 22 years old. The autopsy following her death found that she died of Lobar pneumonia caused by the combination of water immersion and drug intoxication. Two years after her death, Nick posted a tribute to Bobbi Kristina, which sparked backlash from many who considered him to be part of the reason that she passed away.

Was Nick Gordon involved in Bobbi Kristina’s death?

According to a judge, yes. Following Bobbi Kristina’s death, her court-appointed conservator Bedelia Hargrove filed a wrongful death lawsuit that claimed that Nick fed Bobbi Kristina a “toxic cocktail” before placing her face down in a tub of cold water following a violent altercation. The judge determined that Nick admitted guilt through omission after failing to show up to court on multiple occasions and $36 million was awarded to Bobbi Kristina’s family.

What has he been up to since he was held responsible for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death?

Two years after Bobbi Kristina’s passing, in June 2017, Nick, now 28 years old, was arrested for domestic violence and kidnapping/false imprisonment following an altercation with his girlfriend at the time, Laura Leil. Following the arrest, Laura spoke out saying that she saw similarities between her relationship and the reports about Bobbi Kristina, noting drinking, drugs and physical violence.

“I’ve been reading the reports about Bobbi Kristina and I’m physically shaking,” Laura told the Daily Mail. “I read about her being isolated, her family know knowing where she was, the manipulation, the bullying — it’s the exact same thing. That could have been me. Only the grace of God saved me.”

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