Buh-bye, 2020! As everyone prepares to ring in a new year on January 1, 2021, there’s definitely a sense of change in the air following a year of hardship amid the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you’re planning to stick to a New Year‘s resolution this year, looking to start the year off with a Dry January or just planning to block all negative vibes in the new year, these New Year’s superstitions may be able to bring the positive energy and good luck you’re hoping for in the new year. Keep scrolling below to learn more about New Year’s superstitions.

New Year’s Kiss

The most memorable part of any New Year’s Eve celebration is that special midnight kiss. But it turns out, there is a very special meaning behind the first kiss of the new year. According to USA Today, it is believed that this superstition is rooted in German and English folklore, which stated that the first person you encounter at midnight on New Year’s Day would set the tone for the rest of the year. Eventually, it translated from an encounter to a kiss. But now, it is said that the first kiss at midnight on New Year’s Day is important because it is believed that the kiss will set the tone for your love life with that person for the rest of the year. On the other hand, if you don’t share a kiss with a special someone on New Year’s Day, it is believed you will unlucky in love for the rest of the year.

12 Grapes

This superstition is deeply rooted in Hispanic/Latin culture, and it originated in Spain. It is said that if you eat 12 grapes at midnight, one for each month, you will have good luck in the new year.

No Cleaning — Including Laundry!

It’s unclear where this superstition began, but it definitely sets the tone for a lazy day after partying on New Year’s Eve. According to the myth, you should not do laundry on New Year’s Day or you will “wash away” your good luck and good fortune — the more morbid version of the saying is one of your loved ones will be “washed away,” or die. In the same vein, it is believed that you shouldn’t sweep, dust or wash dishes on New Year’s Day or you will “sweep,” “wash” or “dust” your good luck away.

Black-Eyed Peas and Collard Greens

This delicious meal is also superstition is an American Southern tradition. It is believed that black-eyed peas will bring good luck and the greens will bring money in the new year.

Don’t Cry!

This superstition is pretty straight-forward. If you ring in the New Year sad and crying, it will set the down for similar feelings for the rest of the year. So, good vibes only!

Wear Something New

If you need an excuse to splurge on that new dress for New Year’s — yes, even if you’re sitting at home — you could argue that it will bring you good luck in the new year! The superstition goes that if you wear a new outfit on January 1, you will be blessed with lots of new clothes in the new year to make sure you look and feel your best.

Make Some Noise!

Another popular superstition is to make loud noises at the start of the New Year. It’s unclear where this tradition started, but it is said that setting off noisemakers, whistles and fireworks at the stroke of midnight will ward off evil and negative spirits.

Get in Your (Money) Bag!

Turns out, there are a lot of superstitions involving finances for New Year’s. It is believed that you should aim to pay off any of your debts before January 1 to bring good luck. If not, then you should avoid making payments or lending any money on January 1, because it will set a tone for a financially bad year ahead. If you want to welcome good luck in the new year, you should fill your wallet with cash, which will bring good luck in terms of your finances throughout the coming year.

Don’t Eat Chicken or Turkey!

According to this superstition, eating chicken or turkey on New Year’s Day is a no-no. Because turkeys and chickens have wings, it is believed that if you consume them, all of your good luck will fly away. Alternatively, the birds are known to scratch in the dirt, so if you eat them, it’s said that you may find yourself doing the same in the new year.

Hit Up the Grocery Store

If your cupboards are bare on New Year’s Day, it can set a tone of poverty or financial hardship for the rest of the year. So make sure to stock up on your fave foods — and toilet paper, while you’re at it.

Open the Door

This tradition can be done at midnight on New Year’s Day. Opening the door just before the clock strikes 12 will let the old year out and allow the new year to come in. And TBH, we could all use a fresh start in 2021.

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