Don’t mess with Laura Perlongo! The sometimes Catfish host is no stranger to online hate, but when it comes to criticisms about her parenting, she’s not about to stand for it. And when one Instagram troll couldn’t keep their critiques to themselves, she clapped back. On Sunday, June 2, the mom-of-two called out someone in her comments for claiming that she’d said she was “stuck” at home with her kids.

“Alone [with] the babies for the weekend (AGAIN 😩🙄), and this song [is] helpin’ us stay sane,” Laura, 33, captioned a video of her and her son that she shared on Instagram. “THANK YOU EDSTIN SHIEBER; WE LUUUH YOUUUUUU, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” she continued as she and her almost 5-month-old son Beau bopped along to Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber‘s new song, “I Don’t Care.”

But one fan failed to fawn over the adorableness that was the Instagram post. Instead, they couldn’t get past her caption about being “alone with the babies.” However, it seems like they might have misread it — or at least projected some seriously weird feelings onto it. In the responses to the post, they let loose: “Nobody forced you to get pregnant and have kids. Spare a thought for those that would love to be in your position. Being stuck with your kids AGAIN, as you said, is where millions would love to be.”

Laura wasn’t having that, though. In a simple, classy clapback, she challenged the troll to work on their reading comprehension skills and take a step back. “Yeah, I didn’t say ‘stuck,'” she slammed. “But I do appreciate the mental gymnastics it took you to find something negative in the most innocuous post ever. Like COME ON,” she continued, added a laughing-crying and trophy emojis.

Laura Perlongo Slams Instagram Troll
Courtesy of Laura Perlongo/Instagram

We love how she kept things light-hearted while still getting her point across — because, seriously, being bummed that hubby Nev Schulman isn’t home to spend time with you and your kids is not the same as complaining about being “stuck” with your children. Laura and Beau were clearly rocking out in the video and having an amazing weekend together. If you check out Laura’s story, you’ll see that daughter Cleo was having plenty of fun, too. Oh, and just in case you’re thinking that Nev sounds like an absentee dad, we’ll stop you right there. The mom-of-two has already addressed that hate flawlessly, too.

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