It’s about to go down! MTV’s hit series Catfish: The TV Show is officially returning tonight, Nov. 28, and Nev Schulman revealed there’s going to be a whole new vibe to the upcoming 10 episodes. While chatting with In Touch exclusively, he dished on what it was like filming with his new co-hosts, now that “legendary silver fox” Max Joseph is no longer in the picture.

Fans can look forward to seeing several new faces on the show including Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane, who will be joining Nev on the premiere as they help a “hopeful” reveal the identity of his online love. The celebrity co-hosts range from NBA star Nick Young to model Kamie Crawford and artist Tallulah Willis.

“It was great,” Nev told In Touch exclusively. “I love making the show and I would have been happy continuing it with Max too.” The 34-year-old explained how him and Max sort of hit a groove over the years, and now this is an opportunity to give viewers a different experience. “Bringing in new co-hosts who are both intelligent and passionate and legitimate fans of the show just brought in a whole new excitement and energy and passion and really, totally refreshed vibe for me,” Nev said.

“What was so nice too, is like, you know Max thinks and says things differently than me. I think fans have sort of become accustomed to our duality, and it was so nice to have new personalities come on who can say new things, who can call people out in a way that I can’t call people out, who can relate to things or experiences, in a way that Max and I simply can’t,” Nev, who serves as a host and executive producer, added. “This new season and everything about it is fresh and feels really good. Now you’ve really got a good reason to come back, you’ve got different energy, different catfish.”

Nev also gave some insight on if they’re planning to hire a permanent co-host or if they’re thinking about switching it up from this point forward. “We haven’t figured it out exactly,” he told In Touch. “For a lot of reasons, it would be nice if we found someone who we could bring on to fill a more permanent position. Part of what we’re doing is waiting as long as we can to choose that person so we can let the fans of the show watch some of the episodes and get a sense of who they’re liking, which is really cool. Every co-host from this new season is so different from the next, each one I think did a terrific job and really brought a lot to each episode.”

Even though Nev is not on the dating scene (he’s married and expecting baby No. 2 with Laura Perlongo), he did reveal some red flags to be aware of for those trying out their luck on the Internet. “If it feels like someone is messing with you or it’s too good to be true, trust your gut,” he explained. “People get dating fatigue and they get discouraged, so the first somewhat decent person who gives them a glimmer of hope, they’re willing to accept uncertain terms or less than ideal situations. People just need to be more confident in themselves and more protective of themselves.”

Catfish: The TV Show’s premiere episode airs tonight, November 28th on MTV at 9pm ET/PT.

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