Nailboo is taking the nail market by storm and expands retail footprint

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Getting your nails done is a self-care staple for a reason. It’s a confidence booster that leaves us feeling fresh and put together. 

But quality nails can come with a price … and that price can add up. Coupled with the time and energy spent visiting the nail salon, swapping out styles whenever we feel the urge isn’t always feasible.

That got us thinking: What are some more convenient options for the every-day consumer when it comes to manicures and nail care? What if there was a simple, affordable solution to this predicament? 

Thankfully, we found the answer — and it’s called Nailboo. 

“Our goal at Nailboo has always been to become the #1 provider of salon quality nails from home at a fraction of the cost. We are the leaders in dip powder and quickly expanding our assortment to support all needs a Nailboo customer may have whether it be nail polish, gel polish, press-ons, LED gel strips, nail care, essentials etc. We strive to be the nail brand for the next generation” – RAZVAN ROMANESCU

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Nailboo Has Something for Everyone

If you’ve heard of Nailboo, you already understand the hype. If you’re new to the company, though, don’t worry; we’ve got the inside scoop.

Nailboo is a nail company that jumped into the market and hit the ground running. This growing company is on track to being the number one leading nail brand in the world

Known for their dip kits, Nailboo is a simple, at-home solution to our nail salon predicament. In fact, they were ranked the number two top-selling dip kits on Amazon only sixty days after their launch.

This means no more unnecessary trips to the salon; you can have your own at-home salon, all the while saving yourself time and money. 

And it’s not just one type of nail product that Nailboo offers; they have something for everyone, from classic nail polish to press-ons and much more.

Dip Nails That Last and Last

Not to be confused with gel nails, dip involves a different process that does not require UV light to dry. The reason this method is called “dip” at all is because it involves dipping your nails in a powder to coat them in color. 

The dip kits Nailboo markets provide all the pre- and post-nail dip materials you need for a nail color that lasts as long if not longer than salon nails.

Benefits of Doing Your Own Nails

While there’s been some debate between nail salons and at-home nails, the benefits to at-home nail care far outweigh any con. From the relaxing act of applying your nail polish or dip to the convenience of time and money, it just makes sense to make the switch to dip kits.

A Lesser Known Form of Self-Care

When the concept of self-care is brought up, the mind typically tends to wander to skincare routines or a warm scented bath. But like most things in life, nothing is black and white. 

Any aspect of caring for yourself would fall into the category of a self-care routine. Nail care is no exception. Not only does a fresh set of nails boost confidence and positivity regarding one’s appearance, but it is also an artistic and fashionable way to express yourself.

At-home nail care is also great for those who enjoy focused activities and hobbies. For example, taking some time to really focus on the task at hand is a fun past-time for many. 

Even though Nailboo is easy to use, the simple task of applying your nail kit can be soothing and relaxing.

It Saves You Time and Money

One of the biggest perks of doing your nails at home is the money-saving aspect. Once you’ve got the supplies you need to start, you’re good to go for multiple manicures. Rather than spend more at the salon on one set than a starter kit costs, you can get yourself set up for many on-a-whim nail upgrades.

Not only is Nailboo affordable, but dip kits also last you many manicures that last up to six weeks chip-free. Whereas your classic at-home nail polish may need some touch-ups within that time, powder dip kits stay looking good for as long as salon nails for a fraction of the price. 

Keeping Up With Trends Is Easy

Doing your nails at home is a great way to ensure you can change up all aspects of your style no matter the time or place. While a pretty pastel may be your nail color of choice in the spring, it can’t compare to a warm rusty red in the winter. 

On top of color preferences that change based on the season, many people have color preferences that could change on a dime, from week to week or even day to day. A quality product like Nailboo’s dip kits ensures that you can change up your look on a whim or get quality nails that last.


Nailboo Dip Kits Make Manicures Easier Than Ever

So, how exactly does using a dip kit work? Luckily, Nailboo’s website has plenty of information on this exact topic. 

Dip kits are a set of all of the tools and materials you need in order to flawlessly use powders to coat your nails. They typically include a base coat, the powder itself, along with a top coat and other tools and materials that you would need.

Quick and Easy

One reason why we’ve seen people hesitant to try doing their nails themselves at home is due to the concern about the mess. Luckily, dip kits are easy and require very little cleanup. It does not require UV to dry, unlike many other at-home methods of nail art. 

Follow Online Instructions For Best Results

When a consumer decides to go with Nailboo for their at-home nail care, they’re not going to be without aid. Nailboo has written instructions along with helpful and inclusive videos so that no matter your learning style, there are helpful and easy-to-interpret instructions to help you with all things dip kit. Following these instructions, you should have no problem getting the hang of how to use Nailboo.

But don’t just take our word for it — try Nailboo for yourself today!

What Other Kinds of Products Does Nailboo Offer?

While Nailboo’s most popular product is their dip kits, that isn’t all they have to offer. There is a multitude of other products that they produce, and we took a look at what those are.

Dip Powder

If you’re looking to restock your powder, or would simply like to add some more color options to your arsenal, then you can purchase powders individually. Nailboo currently has over 95 different colors to choose from, and they vary from matte to glitter to even metallic shades.

Nail Polish

If you’re someone who likes to stick to the classics, you might want to check out the nail polish options that Nailboo has to offer. While dip kits will ensure strong and long-lasting looks for your nails, nail polish is great to have on hand for a quick nail pick-me-up. 

Nailboo’s nail polish comes on with a smooth application and dries quickly without the need for UV light.

Skin and Nail Care Products

Taking care of one’s nails and skin is always important and a great step to add to your nightly or morning routines. After all, healthy nails are just a small part of your overall health. Nailboo offers a variety of different products to enhance nail and skin health, from cuticle milk to hand and feet moisturizer.


When you’ve wanting to add a little artistic vibe to your nails without the hassle and expense of a custom set at the salon, press-ons seem to be the perfect solution. We checked out Nailboo’s different press-on options, and it seemed like there was a pretty wide variety, from sultry and subtle to fun and expressive.

Where to Get Nailboo Products

Beyond Nailboo’s website, which offers fast and inexpensive shipping, there is also a variety of other ways for you to get your hands on their products. Nailboo is sold in popular chains around the country, such as Sally Beauty, CVS, and Walmart, with plans to expand internationally as well. 

Whether you’re an online shopper or an in-store browser, we found it’s relatively easy to get started with Nailboo.

Final Thoughts on Nailboo

It seems like Nailboo has dived straight into the nail market and is here to stay. We won’t be surprised when we see the dip kit creators make their way up as a leading name in the nail world. 

Through our research into the variety of different products that they offer, the quality of their merchandise — and especially the ease and affordability of their products — we can see why they took on the nail market by storm.

Check out Nailboo today, and discover your best manicure ever.

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