K. Michelle reveals how she has learned and grown from her plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery journey in an exclusive interview with In Touch.

“I started my plastic surgery [journey] years ago. Like I always say, I’m not against plastic surgery,” the “Not A Little Bit” singer, 39, tells In Touch following the debut of her emotional Lifetime series, My Killer Body With K. Michelle

K Michelles Plastic Surgery Experience Why She Doesnt Want Think About Reconstructions
Courtesy of K. Michelle/Instagram

K. Michelle.

K. Michelle was one of the very first celebrities to “come forward with her personal health struggles after silicone injections nearly took her life,” the synopsis of her show points out, and she felt inspired to assist individuals going through similar struggles.

“I was never affected by any of it … until just one day, I woke up and then my legs gave out. Everyone thought that I was perfectly healthy, and they told me that I had lupus,” she continues, detailing a diagnosis she received in 2017. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs, according to Mayo Clinic. 

“After going to a whole another panel and everything, they said I didn’t have lupus and they didn’t know what was wrong with me,” K. Michelle continues, noting an MRI [magnetic resonance imaging] finally gave her medical team more answers. 

“[Doctors] saw what was going on with the inside of my body, and ever since then, you know, there’s been this journey to get completely healthy and get as much of this out of my body as I can,” she notes. 

On her new reality series, K. Michelle shed new light on her own experience while helping other men and women who were negatively impacted by plastic surgery procedures that ended up threatening their lives. 

As for whether she is open to going under the knife again, the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star reiterates that she is “not against” plastic surgery while stressing the importance of researching doctors. However, she does always consider the repercussions or potential consequences. 

“It just depends, you know, for me. My doctor feels like I need two more reconstructions,” the Memphis, Tennessee, native explains. 

K Michelles Plastic Surgery Experience Why She Doesnt Want Think About Reconstructions
Courtesy of K. Michelle/Instagram

K. Michelle.

“So, I have days of listening to these women’s stories. I have moments where I’m like ‘Oh no, I’ll never fix this.’ … I’m very happy with where I’m at and then, I have moments of confidence where I’m like, ‘You’re almost done, maybe you should consider it.’ So, it would just depend,” K. Michelle adds. “Right now, it’s my first year not having surgery and I’m feeling so well that I don’t even really want to think about a date to finish up my reconstruction.”

K. Michelle will soon be releasing her last R&B album titled I’m The Problem, a passion project she is excited to share with fans. 

“I have always been judged, especially in the music industry. I’ve never been the class favorite. I am kind of poking fun at it,” she tells In Touch. “I’m going to remain me. I’m going to make my mistakes. I’m going to do some things that people don’t agree with. I’m going to showcase, as I always have, the true me. Not just always the positive. I’m not that artist. I’m not going to show you, ‘Oh everything is just super great,’ and then not show you me trying to heal and me trying to be better. So, I wanted to do this last R&B album because, you know, I’ve been so dedicated to my fans. I’ve toured every year. Even when I was sick, I would get on stage. COVID slowed down all artists, and everyone in their field, so it’s time to get back out there and sing the songs that people love me for.” 

When it comes to her plans for 2022, she says, “My goals are getting out there on the road, singing, continuing to grow and keeping a smile on my face.”

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