He’s getting bombarded with hate. My 600-lb Life star Steven Assanti recently appeared on a new Where Are They Now? episode and it didn’t take long for him to be subjected to some serious “harassment.” The TLC alum has since clapped back at the haters in a passionate message, where he begged people to stop saying such horrible things to him, his wife and family.

“After the new show … it’s been nothing but harassment towards me, my wife and my family. And it sickens me to the core,” Steven wrote in his passionate statement to Starcasm after the premiere. “All I ask is for people to get a life and move on because not everything you see on television is accurate but small minded folks will continue to believe that it is,” the reality star continued.

Steven added, “The way they portray cast members on ALL REALITY SHOWS is not really reality #1 and #2 mostly all of what you see the cast members are being told how to act and what to say. Please respect my privacy, I’m happy, healthy and those who are true fans of me and my family will indeed respect that. Thank you and best wishes to all of you. GOD BLESS,” he concluded.

'My 600-lb Life' Star Steven Assanti Update: Still Married With Matching Tattoos!

Steven and his brother, Justin, appeared on the update episode, which documented Justin’s road to surgery. This time, it was Justin’s turn for the procedure and he needed to meet the goal weight Dr. Now gave him. Even though Steven offered to be there for Justin in Houston, he wasn’t feeling it at all. “There’s a part of me that just wants to forget about going down, and I’m not happy Steven’s going to be around because I know he’s just going to try to annoy me,” Justin said.

“I want to be done and move back up here to Rhode Island and get as far away from Steven again as possible,” Justin added. Steven has faced no shortage of controversy after appearing on the show, as he used to throw tantrums, secretly order take out and abuse painkillers.

Steven married Stephanie Assanti in 2018 and they now sport matching couple tattoos. As far as Justin goes, he reportedly lost 200 pounds since filming and has relocated to Rhode Island.

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