She’s not giving up! LaShanta White was struggling to lose weight when she was first introduced to fans on My 600-lb Life, having been bedridden for two years, leaving her children and boyfriend as her full-time caretakers. She’s now endured a breakup, but is still determined to get healthy.

“In the last couple of weeks, things have been really bad because JT and I broke up,” the reality star said on the April 17 episode while TLC cameras were rolling. “I knew he was worried about me losing too much weight, but I still thought I had the support to do this.” LaShanta added, “Then he said if I lost the weight, he wouldn’t be attracted to me anymore. And then he left me.”

My 600 lb Life Lashanta White Healthy Weight Loss Journey

“So I don’t know what to do right now,” LaShanta explained. “Without JT, I don’t have anyone to help me no more. So I’m really depressed about this because it feels like every time I try to turn my life around and get my head above water, it just feels like something’s there to trip me up and drag me back down.”

The Louisiana-native knew she needed to take her health seriously, so she moved her entire family to Texas in order to get the help she needs. On the new episode, LaShanta is under the care of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and is disappointed to discover that she wasn’t approved for weight loss surgery off the bat. However, by the end of the episode, LaShanta manages to lose 133 pounds total through diet and exercise and she’s given the green light for the procedure.

“Once you’re able to get up and walk then we do weight loss surgery,” Dr. Now said and the mother-of-four was overjoyed responding, “I can’t wait for all the positive and good stuff coming to me.”

LaShanta’s pal, Missy, also discussed how she thinks her painful split was a blessing in disguise. “Sometimes things happen for the greater good,” she said. “So maybe you needed him to leave so you can concentrate and be focused on what you’re focused on.”

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