Since Bettie Jo Elmore‘s My 600-lb Life episode aired, things haven’t gotten much better for the once 654-pound reality star. Despite losing more than 200 pounds from weight loss surgery as well as diet and exercise, she had a complicated pregnancy and was body-shamed on social media.

In 2016, the then 26-year-old found out she had a large bone mass on her spine while pregnant with her son, Preston. During an episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now, she said, “It’s been a really hard couple of weeks. I went to the emergency room because I was sick, and my stomach was hurting. After doing a CT scan, they noticed a large mass on my spine. Because I’m pregnant, the bigger the baby gets, the more he presses on the bone mass on my spine.” She added, “I’m already a high-risk pregnancy, so a lot of things could go wrong. Having a baby is a dream come true, but I need to be able to take care of that baby. I don’t understand why this is happening, and I don’t know how I’m going to make this decision.”

Fortunately, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Aug. 10, 2016. At the time, she took to Twitter to announce the exciting news. “Preston Isaiah Linn Elmore was born August 10th at 5 am he was 5 pounds 7oz and 19 inches long!!” So sweet!

Sadly, her troubles didn’t stop there. In June, Bettie Jo was shamed on social media for wanting to share tips on weight loss. Because she had gastric bypass surgery, many people felt she didn’t have the right to give health advice and was accused of exploiting her story.

betti jo before and after
TLC/Facebook respectively.

Bettie Jo before and after weight loss surgery.

Prior to that, she updated fans on her progress, which she admitted was difficult after her son was born. She wrote on Facebook, “I will reach my goal. I am at a standstill right now and have been since Preston was born, but I’m not gaining; I’m just stuck in a five pounds up and down range, but I’m going to get to my goal. It might not be as fast as others have, but it’s going at the pace that’s best for me which is how I need it to be cuz [sic] when I over do it, it doesn’t turn out well and I am not gaining all my weight back — no way at all!!” She continued, “But I have to have a good mental and physical health as well in order to loose weight the right way that’s healthy for me! So no I’m not tiny skinny yet, but I am losing!”

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The good news, however, is that she’s still happily married to her husband and baby daddy, Josh Elmore. He was featured on her episode, and she recently shared that the two had tried spaghetti squash together and loved it — so it sounds like she’s keeping up with her diet plan. Hopefully, Bettie Jo has seen the last of her setbacks and is on the road to a happy, healthy life!

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