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See Where All the Kids From ‘Made’ Are Today!

Remember MTV's Made? The docu-series was a staple of the early 2000s and focused on awkward, shy teenagers who wanted to be "made" into rock stars and pageant queens.

With more than 280 people featured on the show, most viewers are probably wondering what all those pimply-faced teens are doing today. Are they all rock stars and pageant queens? Surprisingly, one of them is.

Each episode of Made, which premiered in 2002, focused on one person who wanted to fulfill their ultimate dream, from being a dancer to being a ladies' man. With help from a celebrity coach, the participant was given just two weeks to fulfill their superstar goals. We watched as tomboys walked in their first pair of high heels and cringed when we watched nerds try to ask the popular cheerleader to the dance. For a time when reality TV was still fresh and new, it was endlessly captivating.

But more importantly, as viewers watched each participant struggle, cry, and fight through all the hardships to make their goals a reality, it became impossible not to cheer them on and develop a close connection with them — one that was hard to forget.

Unfortunately for Nile Greenberg, who appeared on the show in 2005, the connection he had with viewers was more of an annoyance.

“It was a little bit horrible [being recognized]," he said about his Made episode where he learned how to freestyle and got to meet Snoop Dogg. "Endlessly, for years all over Minnesota people tried to [get me to freestyle or battle]. Every city I went to. On boats in Chicago. I studied abroad years later in Barcelona, and people recognized me.”

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Despite the experience, Nile maintains that he has no regrets about the episode, but unfortunately, these days Nile is more interested in architecture than free-styling.

Curious to see what the rest of the Made kids are up to? Check out the gallery below to see where they are today.

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