Looks like Miley Cyrus can still get the best of both worlds, y’all!

The 24-year-old decided to pull a prank on some unsuspecting NYC commuters earlier this week when she slapped on a wig and a cowboy hat (which, let’s be real, is like the worst disguise if you’re trying to look like someone other than Miley Cyrus…) and belted out “Party in the USA” in a subway station with Jimmy Fallon!

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If all of this sounds oddly familiar, it’s because it’s pretty much the exact plot of Miley’s Disney Channel Show, Hannah Montana!

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If you were somehow living under a rock from 2006 to 2011 (or were, like, a self-respecting adult who stayed far, far away from children’s entertainment and teenybopper sensations…), literally the entire plot of the show was that “regular girl” Miley Stewart got to be a small time girl, but became a big time when she played her guitar (aka put on a blonde wig and some obnoxiously sequined ensemble).

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While we’re feeling a whole bunch of things about this surprise performance (excitement that Miley is seemingly bringing back her greatest hit of all time, jealousy that while we see some seriously talented acts on the subway, they hardly ever turn out to be huge pop stars…), we’re mostly feeling shocked/awed/relieved that this means that the whole Hannah Montana schtick is totally plausible.

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So much for all those arguments that anyone who knew “Miley Stewart” would see past the wig to realize that “Hannah Montana” has the exact same face and voice as Miley, and a bad wig couldn’t change that!

Billy Ray “Stewart,” you’ve been vindicated! For what it’s worth, next time, we’d prefer a blonde wig… But, nobody’s perfect, right?!

Check out the video to see Hannah — uh, Miley’s — subway performance!

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