Uh oh. Miley Cyrus was slammed by a baker and artist on Instagram after she posted an image on her Instagram of a cake that looked nearly identical to one the baker made. Miley didn’t give the creator, Becca Rea-Holloway — who also goes by The Sweet Feminist — credit for her work, and Becca quickly called the singer out for stealing her concept. The artist tagged the 26-year-old singer and wrote on her own Instagram Story after recognizing the similarities, “This is my [artwork] without credit! Anyone who knows anything about intellectual property/[artwork] [please] send me a message!”

Becca first posted the dessert — a pink cake that says “Abortion is healthcare” — to her Instagram in June 2018. She shared it again it on May 15, 2019, after the Alabama State Senate passed a highly-publicized abortion law. Miley then shared an image to promote her collaboration with Planned Parenthood and Marc Jacobs where she was licking a cake that indeed has a strong resemblance to the one Becca made. Hence, the baker’s frustration.

After Becca called Miley out, she faced some backlash. She told In Touch exclusively, “Something that I think is really important to highlight about this situation is the onslaught of threats and harassment I have received as a direct result of standing up for myself and my work. I have received hundreds of threatening direct messages, comments, and emails in the past 48 hours, including death threats.”

The baker then addressed the problem again in another post, where she said the use of the image by the pop singer was “a direct theft of my own original [artwork] from May 2018, with no credit.” That’s when Miley stepped in.

“Hi, we saw the image online and didn’t realize it was yours,” Miley commented. “We will absolutely tag you for your work. This image is not on the Marc Jacobs x Planned Parenthood hoodie we made to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood which I know is also close to your heart. It is just on the post and not on the merchandise but we will absolutely tag you and give you the credit for your art. If you could please correct your post, as we’re going to make sure you have all the credit you deserve … thanks for sharing your art and inspiring us. 🎂”

miley cyrus baker response
Courtesy of Becca Rea-Holloway/Instagram

Becca responded to Miley’s reply several times, noting that “This is not ‘inspiration’, it’s theft” and that “It doesn’t doesn’t change the fact that my work was used without my consent and it is not sufficient.” Miley, or someone on her team did tag The Sweet Feminist on the image on the singer’s account, but has not appeared to respond publically otherwise. Miley’s representatives have not responded to In Touch’s request for comment.

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