Are they one big happy family after all? Meri Brown reaffirmed her support of her polygamous family in the comments of a post she made on Instagram, which may be a surprise to some Sister Wives fans who’ve seen her struggling in her relationships with her husband, Kody Brown, and fellow sister wives Christine, Janelle and Robyn Brown on the TLC series.

In a shoutout to “friends old and new, young and old, near and far” Meri, 48, posted on the social media platform on January 11, a fan asked the reality star, “Are you still one of the Sister Wives, Meri?” They also included a British flag emoji, which might have indicated they’re overseas and haven’t seen the newest season of the show yet. Meri replied, “Yes ma’am, #SisterWifeForLife 💖.”

All Is Well? Meri Brown Reaffirms Support of Her Family: 'Sister Wife for Life'
Courtesy Meri Brown/Instagram

Other people commented on the original fan reply, too. “She is. The new season here just started last week,” one person wrote. A different person got very negative in their response and said, “How are you a sister wife for life? We watched the episode last night. Is this staged for ratings? I mean … there is no love there? And how is Robyn not wanting you in her house? She cries and [says] that she is your friend?? But not inviting to come over etc … I m sorry Meri … but we as the public see you miserable.”

It’s not a total surprise that some people are still questioning whether or not Meri is really happy in her family. On the January 12 episode that fan seemed to be referring to, Meri noted that their love for her seems to come on their own terms.

After she explained her need for help with her move, and the fellow wives suggested hiring someone, Meri said while getting teary, “I get what they’re saying, nobody wants to move. And at the same time, I’m feeling like, their love and caring for me is conditional. ‘Well, we’ll love you if we can do something fun. We’ll love you and want to help you and be there for you if we can do something fun, but not if you need something done.’”

Do you think Kody and the rest of his wives need to be more supportive of Meri?

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