For the past couple of months, all eyes have been on Meghan Markle. And more than 3 million people had their sight set on the new Duchess of Sussex after she and Prince Harry said “I do!” this past weekend as part of their incredibly lavish royal wedding. And a decent number of those people saw the new royal — in her stunning Givenchy and Stella McCartney dresses — and somehow felt like they were looking at Casey Anthony, who is best known for being accused of, and acquitted of, murdering her daughter. Don’t believe us? Check out the video above!

“I can’t help thinking this but when I look at Meghan Markle my brain goes right to Casey Anthony,” one of these people tweeted. “It’s awful that this happens. I’m sure she’s a nice girl. Especially the profile! I’m like, I don’t want to think of Casey Anthony the sociopath.”

Another tweeted — back on Nov. 27, the day of the royal engagement — “Wait. [Are] Casey Anthony and Meghan Markle the same person?”

meghan markle casey anthony lookalike

The answer, of course, is that these two ladies couldn’t be any more different (and don’t even really look remotely alike — save for their similar dark hair…). Nowadays, Casey Anthony is living her reclusive life in Florida, where she resides and works with Patrick McKenna, a former investigator on her case. She has been spotted on rare occassions, including at an anti-Trump rally shortly after he was elected to Oval Office.

Meghan’s new life is anything but reclusive. Since her nuptials on Saturday, she has already scored her official royal bio (in which she proudly boasts about being a feminist) and made her first appearance as a newly married lady. She appeared at Buckingham Palace to celebrate Prince Charles’ — her new father-in-law — Patronage to mark his seventieth birthday. The two are expected to go on a honeymoon in the coming weeks before resuming their social and philanthropic calendar as husband and wife for the remainder of the year.

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