After 27 years of marriage, Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff decided to go their separate ways in 2015. Since their divorce, they’ve both found love again — Matt is now dating the one-time manager of Roloff Farms, Caryn Chandler, and Amy is going steady with boyfriend Chris Marek — but that hasn’t stopped either of them from revealing how they really felt about each other when their marriage was crumbling. During a recent episode of Little People, Big World, Matt opened up about how his compatibility with Caryn is so much different than it was with Amy.

“I really like and appreciate the fact that she wants to spend personal time with me,” Matt said of Caryn. “It really warms my heart. Amy and I had some compatibility when the kids were born, but looking back after the kids were gone, we realized we don’t really have a lot in common.” Matt and Caryn knew each other for years before they started dating, since Caryn worked with the family, and was presumably on good terms with Amy at one point.

He continued, “We are different people. We are very different people. So it feels good to be in a situation where you feel compatible on many levels.” While Matt didn’t mention specifics, Caryn does seem to understand the passion he has behind his work more than Amy ever did.

“Work is in Matt’s DNA, it always will be,” Caryn said. “I actually love that drive in him. He can get carried away, anyone can get carried away. But he loves to work — it’s kind of his hobby.” On the other hand, Amy felt that Matt’s duties around the farm were a big reason their marriage fizzled out.

matt and amy

During this particular episode, Amy and Chris — who started dating last summer — celebrated their one-year anniversary by going skydiving, which was something she never would have done with Matt. “I don’t really remember doing a lot of this with Matt. He was just so focused on work or doing projects,” Amy explained. “Being aggressive is good, that’s how you get to do the things you want to do. But you have to realize it can come at a cost. And I think it definitely came at a cost.”

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