He’s done being quiet! Matt Lauer left the Today show in shame on Nov. 29, 2017, after reports surfaced of disgusting sexual abuse in the workplace, and now In Touch has learned exclusively that the 60-year-old is preparing to share his side of the story in a tell-all book. Not only is he addressing his own crimes, but he’ll be pointing the finger at other abusers that did the same thing!

“Matt will name powerful men he knows, some famous, who did the same thing he did,” an insider told In Touch exclusively. “He will expose people. He knows all their dirty secrets. Everyone was sleeping with each other! He realizes that the juicier the story, the bigger the payday.” The figure we’re hearing could be as high as $12 million!

However, Matt isn’t just trying to gloss over his own misconduct by throwing other people under the bus. He’s planning to “get into the specifics of his misconduct over the years at NBC. Matt’s not planning on justifying his misconduct; that would be the wrong move.” But, he does plan to expose the “boys’ club atmosphere” of the show, says the insider. “For much of his tenure, Matt felt he was responsible for strong ratings and big revenues, and that he was un-fireable. He got so caught up in his own myth that he felt the network brass would protect and cover up his misdeeds for years. But he was wrong.”

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Matt with Hoda and Savannah.

Matt plans to “set the record straight” by outlining what was true, and what wasn’t — like rumors that he had a secret relationship with Natalie Morales. Plus, “he will apologize to Ann Curry and admit that he could have treated her in a far more understanding and professional way during her difficult tenure at the morning show.”

Ann and Natalie aren’t the only people he plans to dish on. “He will also write about his colleagues — Katie Couric, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Al Roker, — and be honest about the ones who stood by him and the ones who didn’t. [Megyn Kelly will] get her own chapter, for sure,” said the insider. That’s because she “was a nightmare for Matt, and he will explain in detail why that was. He will go into how Megyn was treated by the upper brass as this golden child and how she ultimately came in like a bull in a china shop. Matt’s got to be careful how he writes about women, but he’s not giving Megyn a pass in this book. No way.”

Of course, it’s not all going to be company drama. “The plan is that this book becomes the
catalyst for Matt’s career recovery,” said the source. “He hopes that by being honest and revealing all of his character defects, it will help him heal and regain the trust of his former audience.” That has to start with his estranged wife, Annette Roque.

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Matt with wife Annette.

“He’ll touch on the divorce filing and admit to hurting her and straying from time to time,” continues the source. “He’ll be brutally honest about the flaws in his marriage and rightfully assume responsibility for the dysfunction, but he will make a strong claim that he loves her and their children deeply. Matt refuses to give up on his family. He’s trying to win their trust back. As much of a player as he was outside the home, he has always remained a great, doting father to his kids. It’s his one saving grace as far as Annette is concerned.”

“Matt’s book will be a grand mea culpa to all he has bullied, harassed and wronged,” says a
source. “He will take a long, hard look at himself and ask for the world’s forgiveness.” Only time will tell whether or not we could ever forgive him!

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