It’s not all pure wedded bliss for Married at First Sight couple Meka Jones and Michael Watson. They met for the first time at the alter just moments before tying the knot at their wedding, but they quickly experienced their first fight on the first day of their honeymoon. In an In Touch exclusive sneak peek, Meka confronted Michael about his views on the importance of when they would have sex after marriage, and she claimed the person he is off camera is not the same person he is on camera.

“I’m pissed because on the plane, we had a conversation and Michael literally gave me an ultimatum and said that if we don’t have sex during the honeymoon, then he won’t want to be in this marriage,” Meka, 25, said in her confessional. “The part that’s the most concerning for me is that when we get on camera, he’s a totally different person. He’s patient and he wants to wait for sex and it’s all on me and it’s whenever I’m ready, but we get behind closed doors, it’s a totally different story. So right now, this honeymoon is going pretty bad.”

Once they arrived in their hotel room, Meka and Michael, 31, sat down for a discussion and she explained her concerns. “So, I feel like my biggest issue with you and this marriage in general is that I feel like, when we’re on camera, there’s like this Michael that’s like, put together and well-thought-out and Mr. Perfect. And off-camera, you’re like completely a different person,” the category analyst told the Washington, D.C. native. “To tell me that I have to have sex with you in a certain time frame or you’re not going to be [fulfilled] in the marriage? You looked my family in the face, you looked my friends in the face and you told them, ‘Sex is not a huge thing. It’s gonna be on Meka’s time. It’s whenever she wants to do it, like, I’m patient, I’m letting her take the lead, and you literally got back to the hotel room and told me the exact opposite today.”

The clip then flashed back to two days prior to their honeymoon at their wedding reception. Two of Meka’s friends were chatting with the education director when he told them his stance on sex in the marriage. “I plan on allowing her take the lead on that, I am in no rush. It’s not a demand or requirement,” Michael said at the time.

“So how can I make myself vulnerable and how can I give all of myself to you when I don’t even know what part of what you’re saying is real and what part of what you’re saying is fake?” the Baltimore native continued. “Because I’ve seen the side of Michael on camera and I’ve seen the side of Michael off camera and they are two totally different people.”

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