We’re going to have to buy a vowel because OH… MY… GAWD!

There’s no denying that Janice is one of the best recurring characters on Friends. The moment you hear her machine gun-like laugh or her shrill, nasal voice you just know it’s going to be a good episode.

But now we’ve learned the truth: THAT’S NOT ACTRESS MAGGIE WHEELER’S REAL VOICE!

janice, maggie wheeler

Last year, she appeared on Oprah: Where Are They Now? and revealed how she came up with that unforgettable voice.

“I saw the slides for that character and it said, ‘Fast-talking New Yorker,’” the 53-year-old says. “I grew up there and I just know those people, and I just interpreted that character the way I imagined she would be.”

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She says she did her distinct “Janice” voice in her audition and the producers immediately “fell in love” — as did the fans.

“People stop me frequently in grocery story, in airports,” Maggie says.

“People like to hear me say, ‘You love me, Chandler Bing. You just don’t know you love me.’ Somehow, people have held onto that forever and ever!”

maggie wheeler

Maggie in 2014.

Maggie explains that she’s grateful for her legacy as Janice — and the impact the show has had in pop culture.

“I am so proud and so happy to have participated in something that has given people so much joy and spread across the world,” she says. “Being recognized for that is an honor.”

Listen to Maggie’s REAL voice in the video below!

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