You go, mama. Maddie Brown shared a genuine message about being a mom on Instagram on September 30, and her fans really appreciated her sincerity. She posted a text graphic that read, “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had … and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed,” a quote by Linda Wooten. Maddie, 23, captioned it, “Today has been hard. Little to no sleep, fussy babies, Monday blues and nothing seems to be going right. I finally sat down to eat breakfast at 10:45 and came across this quote. I felt it needed to be shared, especially for the mood I am in today.”

The Sister Wives star continued, “I am sure I am not alone in this and there are others struggling. Here is a little reminder that you are stronger than you think! YOU GOT THIS MAMA! 💚” One of her followers replied, “Makes you appreciate your own Mom huh? Having littles is hard physically, having teenagers is hard mentally 😂😂” and Maddie responded, “Yes it does!!” You hear that, Janelle Brown?

maddie brown's message about motherhood
Courtesy of Maddie Brown/Instagram

In fact, there were plenty of fans who seemed to totally understand where Maddie was coming from. “No matter how easy it looks like someone has it, no one has it easy. People don’t tell you that but it’s OK to say it’s hard, it’s also the best and everything in between,” one wrote. Maddie replied with a simple “Yesss!!” Someone else wrote in the comments, “I had one of these kinds of weekends!! Keep up the great work! 💕” and the Sister Wives star answered, “You too! 💚” We can feel the love!

Maddie is a mom of two kids — Axel, 2, and her new daughter, Evangalynn Kodi Brush. Little Evie was “born right on time and just right on 8/20,💚” the reality TV star shared on Instagram on August 29. In September, Maddie posted a super cute photo of her baby girl and revealed that she hopes to “raise her to think she breathes fire! :black_heart:

But she’s also been regularly candid about what it’s like being a mom to two little ones and how emotional it makes her. On September 12 for instance, Maddie wrote, “Someone once told me parenthood consists of a lot of long days and short years. Something that hits home so hard … How did my first baby get so big? 😭 Why is my second already almost a month old!? 😭 Time is a thief and on days I get irrationally mad at what it’s robbing me of. I wish I could freeze it and soak up these babies just a little longer!” We’re sure a lot of parents can hardcore relate to that feeling, Maddie.

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