She may be a sweetie, but Mackenzie McKee knows when to break out the sass. And when an Instagram commenter dragged her look, she did just that. On Wednesday, February 12, the Teen Mom 2 star posted a new photo showing off her fitness journey, but one of her fans was more focused on her face. When they saw the beauty routine she’d been through, they decided to call it out — and she called them out right back.

“That makeup is way too dark for you,” the commenter wrote with a surprised-looking emoji. “You look 40.” Undeterred, Mackenzie, 25, snarked back, “So positive and uplifting. I love it. 💗 Keep it up; you are inspiring.”

Mackenzie McKee Claps Back At Makeup Hater
Courtesy of Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Lately, it seems like Mack has been wearing her sassy pants more than normal. In January 2020, she even stood up for her costar Kailyn Lowry. When a Twitter user took the opportunity to call out the Coffee Convos podcast host over her three different baby daddies, the mom of four stepped in to have her back.

“Three baby daddies is the nastiest, dirtiest thing I have ever seen,” the fan wrote on the social media site. “How can a woman that supposedly you think is a ‘good mom’ be a good mom if she created this toxic, every-other-weekend environment? The kids jump from house to house and have multiple half-siblings. Explain that.” Mack had the perfect response. “Different baby daddies doesn’t touch how ‘nasty’ this attitude is,” she wrote, “but OK, Karen.”

In November 2019, she stood up for herself after fans claimed that a dark spot on her exercise pants made it look like she’d had a “tampon fail” or pooped her pants. When she got home, she not only verbally slapped down the speculation, she was also determined to prove the haters wrong. She bent over in front of a mirror and even lifted her leg up to her head to show that there was no dark spot after all — it had just been a weird shadow in her original photo.

“I just had a really fun day at work, and I just posted a really cute picture of me doing a heel stretch in a stunt,” she told fans on her Instagram Story at the time. “I’m not deleting it because it’s really cute, and I’m really proud of it, but I just deleted about 50 comments — 50 rude comments — of you guys calling it a tampon fail or saying that I s–t my pants. … Guys, look at a picture, look at the smile on my face, tell me it’s cute and move on with your life!”

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