Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff spoke about the possibility of her future kids with her husband, Jeremy Roloff, having dwarfism during a Q&A via her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, March 28.

“From how I’ve always understood it … [there] are different types of dwarfism,” she began. “Some are dominant genes, and some are recessive.”

Audrey explained that Jeremy’s mother, Amy Roloff, and twin brother, Zach Roloff, have the “dominant gene” dwarfism.

“If we have a baby with their type of dwarfism it would be a random genetic mutation because neither of us carry the gene since it’s dominant,” the former TLC personality explained about her and Jeremy, 32. “Basically we have the same chance as anyone else to have a child with that type of dwarfism.”

Audrey went on to explain that Jeremy’s father, Matt Roloff, has a “more rare recessive gene” form of dwarfism.

“So, if both Jer and I have that gene we could have a baby with that type, but we have never tested to find out if we do,” she concluded.

Jeremy and Audrey – who tied the knot in 2014 – are already the parents to daughter Ember, 5, and sons Bode, 3, and Radley, 16 months.

Audrey has been open to wanting more kids in the past. In October 2022, she admitted during a Q&A that she and Jeremy “never put a number” on how many kids they want. “But we don’t feel like we’re done,” the influencer added.

While none of their kids have dwarfism, all three of Zach’s kids with his wife, Tori Roloff, have the condition.

The couple share sons Jackson, 5, and Josiah, 10 months, and daughter, Lilah, 3.

Zach, 32, and Tori, 31, have discussed raising kids with dwarfism over the years.

‘LPBW’ Alum Audrey Roloff Discusses Possibility of Her Future Children Having Dwarfism
Courtesy of Audrey Roloff/Instagram

After she announced she was pregnant with baby No. 3, one fan asked Tori if she wanted to know if their unborn child would have dwarfism.

“I wish this could be a surprise too but when [doctors] tell me I need a [C-section] it makes it sort of obvious,” the former schoolteacher responded via her Instagram Stories in November 2021. “We won’t know if he or she is a dwarf until further into pregnancy. And with dwarves it’s encouraged to have a [C-section] because of bigger head size.”

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