Love Is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell has major regrets after she said that Megan Fox is her celebrity doppelgänger during season 6 of the dating reality show.

After Chelsea, 31, told Jimmy Presnell that she resembles Megan, 37, while in the pods, many fans took to social media to insist that the reality star looks nothing like the Transformers star. Some critics even accused her of lying about her appearance in order to persuade Jimmy, 28, to pick her over his other potential love interests. She initially kept quiet amid the backlash, though eventually explained the context of the conversation while talking to a fan in the comments section of a recent Instagram post.

“I haven’t addressed this at all. I wasn’t trying to be manipulative by any means. You have to understand, we are on these dates for 4+ hours at a time,” Chelsea wrote. “I wasn’t the only one having silly conversations such as this. Do I regret it, absolutely. But in no way was I trying to persuade any decision. I am not a vicious person and I won’t be made out to be.”

Meanwhile, fellow contestant Jessica Vestal clapped back at the same person who implied Chelsea ruined the mother of one’s chances of having a romance with Jimmy after they formed a connection in the pods. Jessica, 29, said that not ending up with Jimmy was “a blessing in disguise” for her and her daughter, Autumn.

“I wasn’t present for their dates, but I know Chels’ heart and can confidently say she didn’t have malicious intent. No hate of any kind will be tolerated on this side,” she continued. “I’m grateful for all of the love and support, but there’s not need to compare or pit anyone against each other. It’s all love.”

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Courtesy of Jessica Vestal/Instagram

The costars continued to show their support for each other when one fan told Chelsea that she does look like Megan. “Chels’ beauty goes far beyond what our eyes can see,” Jessica responded to the social media user. “We stan her over on this side.”

After Chelsea and Jimmy hit it off in the pods, he eventually decided to get down on one knee and they got engaged. However, he was visibly surprised by her appearance when they met in person for the first time. “She definitely lied to me on some uh … how she looked,” he said, adding that he was not disappointed.

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Courtesy of Jessica Vestal/Instagram

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter,” Jimmy continued. “I’m very attracted to her. I can work with that.”

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