Fans have been very worried about Love & Hip Hop: New York star Anais Martinez after a very emotional scene on this week’s episode. Anais’ friends Jonathan Fernandez and Rich Dollaz had an explosive fight last season, but they were able to come together to cryptically discuss Anais’ wellbeing after revealing that she had been in and out of mental health facilities for a month. Now, in an exclusive interview with In Touch, Anais is sharing an update with fans about how she’s doing now, and she’s opening up about the issues that she was facing at the time that the episode was filmed.

“I wanna really thank [my fans] a lot and I’m doing fine,” Anais, 34, told In Touch. “I know they also talk about my weight loss, they’re concerned about that,” Anais said. She explained that she had a gastric sleeve surgery in the past, and that has caused her to struggle with maintaining a normal weight. “I was just going through a lot at that time, not eating much, working, and filming. So I blame it on that. But I am totally fine, taking care of my family and I thank everybody for their support.”

She went on to explain that she was happy to see Jonathan and Rich put their issues behind them in order to come together for her. “Because when I was away in this hospital, I felt that I didn’t have no [sic] friends looking after me. It was a very hard time for my family, we really had a hard time, and I felt alone,” Anais said. “I was telling my husband to reach out to everybody because they pretty much kept me away from everybody. So to see that they were concerned about me, it made me feel good in a way, of course.”

Anais explained that her mental health hospitalization took place after she got into a fight with her husband Ruben Martinez. At one point, Ruben called the cops and they ended up taking her to a mental facility. “We didn’t know that calling the authorities here in the United States could really separate you from your family. That’s how we took it,” she said. “Because my husband never thought that they were going to send me away to a mental facility without him wanting to.”

She explained that Ruben tried to tell the doctors that she didn’t need help and that their fight was a first-time instance and they had never experienced issues like that in the past. But the doctors insisted on keeping Anais in the facility, and she said they made it seem like a bigger issue than it actually was. “They stopped my husband from seeing me, they didn’t allow my family, nobody. And they even threatened me with taking my kids away,” Anais said. “They even opened a case, an investigation to take my children away while I was in the mental facility. I got dumped in there, I was under medication, hallucinating, and all this concerned my husband because my husband was like, ‘This is not right, I want my wife back.’ So it was very difficult because he didn’t know what to do, so it was hard for my husband as well.”

Even though Anais described her time in the mental facility as very difficult, she also had a very positive outlook on rebuilding her life after the ordeal. “I just didn’t take the medication after I came out and I took my life back to normal as a responsible human being that I am. I have a husband, I have two boys, I have a career, I can’t focus on the things that happened,” Anais said. “There are little bumps on my ride so it’s just like, you live and you learn. We learned from this, that this is the reason why a lot of times in the hood and in a lot of poor communities, they don’t call the police because they don’t offer you the help — they separate you from your family. So that’s another thing. They didn’t allow me to come to my house because supposedly to them, I was a threat to my husband and my children when my husband wasn’t even saying these things.”

But Anais’ hospitalization didn’t only affect her husband, it affected her children as well because it left them without their mother. Anais is a mom to two young boys, and one of her sons was diagnosed with autism, and her hospitalization took a toll on him. “My children were very nervous when I came home. My Autistic son, his speech therapist told me in the hospital, ‘You know that affected him and his speech very much. You being away affected your child and his vocabulary,'” Anais continued. “So now he’s back to not speaking again cause it kind of traumatized him that he didn’t see his mother. So he went back to shutting down again and not speaking.”

Thankfully, Anais and her family were able to get through the entire ordeal and everyone is doing well today — and she opened up about the major lesson she learned from this experience. “It helped us a lot, we were talking about how this made us stronger and made us see that we have to solve our issues ourselves,” Anais said. “Like, before this happened, we used to rely on family and friends for our issues. And it just taught us that your issues are yours, and sometimes you reach out to people to help you and things can become worse.”

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