She should have listened to her bestie! Anaís Martinez got off to a rocky start on her first season of Love & Hip Hop by getting involved in a messy love triangle with her husband Ruben Martinez and certified creep Rich Dollaz, but all of that could have been avoided if she had just taken advice from her best friend, makeup artist and fellow LHHNY star Jonathan Fernandez. In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Jonathan revealed why he knew Anaís would get into trouble after messing around with Rich.

Jonathan explained that even though he just made his debut on Season 8, he had been working behind the scenes doing makeup for the cast since Season 2, and after a decade of working in the industry, he knew all about Rich and his shady relationship history — and he explained why he immediately tried to warn Anaís about Rich.

"I've seen the buildup and the breakup of the Richie D love sagas, and when these love stories hit the fan and they go south, of course, they call me — I'm their crying shoulder," he exclusively revealed to In Touch. "So when she sat across from me and she said, 'So you know Rich Dollaz?' I'm like, 'Ugh girl, really? Of all the men in New York City that you could have possibly laid your creepy little eyes on, why him?'"

"I've been here sis! You're new to this circle, but I know this guy, I know what it's about and it's not gonna end well. So yeah, I gave her real advice like a brother would have. If you wanna work with him, that's one thing — I won't take away his accolades, you know, people sometimes don't give him his props because he's on the show so I'm not taking away his props in the music industry. When it comes to being in a relationship with him — sis. Tread light, because you are walking into the lion's den with that one."

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This still makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Rich getting frustrated and screaming too cracks me up. I tried it this season with all the screaming. #lhhny #sorryimdominican #whyamisoloud #igottastopyelling #itsfuckinghilarioustho #😂

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On the last episode of LHHNY, things went south real fast — just as Jonathan predicted — when Anaís' husband Ruben confronted Rich and they had to be separated by security before it got violent. But as a good friend, Jonathan couldn't let Anaís throw her 14-year relationship away for Rich, especially since Rich is creeping behind her back — and Jonathan told Anaís that he recently saw Rich ask a waitress for her number.

"I'll say this — my loyalty is questioned because like I said, I know him very well, Ive known her for 17 years, and I've also known her husband since they got married," Jonathan teased. "So stay tuned, cause it kinda all unfolds."

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