You've seen this kind of story play out on Transparent; now see it in real life: TLC's new reality show Lost in Transition shows four individuals who have just come out as transgender to their wives. Regardless of ex-TLC star Derick Dillard's transphobic comments, there's no "mental illness" about being transgender, but the four couples below have experienced plenty of emotional disarray.

"Told from the wives' point of view, the series examines the confusion, anger, disappointment, and uncertainty that each couple goes through," TLC says in a press release. "You'll witness each couple's journey as they come out to family and friends, take steps forward with the transition process, and figure out how to best evolve their marriages." Keep reading to get to know the couples!

Jennifer and Lawren (formerly Larry)

For years, Jennifer and Lawren were the envy of their Virginia community, TLC reports. After meeting as teenagers while Jennifer was working as a singing cruise ship waitress, they married and welcomed four kids, with Lawren becoming a successful attorney and Jennifer running his office. Then came Lawren's coming out. Now, the network says, "Jennifer is trying to hold the family, and their law practice, together."

Stacy and Leslie (formerly Les)

Stacy and Leslie were high school sweethearts who settled down in a small, rural, small-minded town where few people even know what "transgender" means, according to TLC. So these two spouses faced an uphill battle when Les came out and started taking hormones. Now Stacy is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her family together, especially because they have another baby on the way.

Beverly and Karen (formerly AJ)

Beverly discovered Karen's secret when she found women's clothing on Karen's side of the bed after 22 years of marriage. That's when Karen, a former Marine and a motorcycle buff, came clean about her identity… and said she wanted to leave Beverly. Now, Beverly is trying to get her footing among all this upheaval, especially because one of their two children has also come out as trans.

Cindy and Lucy (formerly Troy)

Meanwhile, after Lucy came out to Cindy, she didn't want to lose her partner of 10 years, and Cindy didn't want to break up either — especially because Lucy has been everything Cindy hoped for in a partner. Cindy is conflicted now, though, as she does not want to be in a same-sex union. TLC says Lucy "hopes that they can find a compromise … but also doesn't want to continue living a lie."

Keep watching TLC to see how Cindy and Lucy and the rest of these couples fare. Lost in Transition airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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