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Have you ever noticed that when your clothes don’t feel right, you don’t feel right? Speaking from personal experience, we can say we’ve definitely been there.

Even when we’re feeling our most put together, we’ll always feel like we’re wearing a costume if we’re wearing uncomfortable clothes. We’ll spend the whole day fantasizing about being able to get home and break free from our jeans.

The truth is that an itchy material or an incorrect fit can genuinely change our entire days, moods, and attitudes. But most of the time, it can feel like uncomfortable clothes are your only option: Leisure clothes are for home and exercise, and stylish clothes are for work and going out … or so we thought. 

As people were forced to stay home over the past few years, sweatpants went through a bit of a renaissance. But as we start to return to social life, shouldn’t we bring some of the lessons we learned about comfort with us?

That’s where Feat Clothing comes in.

Feat is a relatively new brand, but it’s already making a serious mark in the athleisure space. Why? Because Feat has invested in fabric technology that is designed to make people feel good in its clothes — not just physically but mentally, too. Feat is committed to helping its customers feel and be their best selves, whether they’re lounging at home, working hard in the office, or hitting the yoga studio.

Learn more about Feat to see if it’s the comfortable (and stylish) clothing you’ve been searching for, or head to Feat’s website to try it out for yourself.

Feat Clothing

Clothes Change Everything

At the center of Feat’s brand are three words: comfort, versatility, and quality.

Let’s break those categories down a little further. 


Feat’s goal is to make the most comfortable clothing in the world. It believes that comfortable clothing unlocks our potential. When we’re not worried about how our clothes fit or that frustrating little itch on our neck, we’re free to focus on the present. With wellness as a number one priority, Feat is designing with a healthier, happier customer in mind. They want to help people feel good — and it doesn’t hurt that Feat’s styles make people look good as well.


While there are a number of athleisure brands that can say their fabric is comfortable, there’s something that makes Feat different: It really practices what it preaches. When Feat talks about designing styles that are ready to take on whatever the day brings, you can know it’s no empty promise.

So many of their styles easily integrate between different situations and environments. Whether you’re at work or at home, getting comfy or getting coffee, you’ll feel like you’re taking the couch with you wherever you roam. 


This is a big one and the reason we think Feat has something special on its hands. The brand has put so much time and energy into developing the highest quality fabrics and styles that suit everyone

Their fabrics are designed to last, getting softer and more buttery with every wash. Have you ever bought something fuzzy and found that it loses all its coziness after the first wash? Yeah, that won’t happen with Feat. 

When you bring Feat’s three primary characteristics together, you end up with a brand that will radically transform your wardrobe and your quality of life. When you stop worrying about uncomfortable fabrics and fits, you can start focusing on bigger and better things.

Feat’s Commitment To Wellness

Many of Feat’s fabrics have to be felt to be believed, but we think once you learn more about their patented technologies, you’ll be itching to try them out.

Don’t just take our word for it  — try Feat’s revolutionary clothing for yourself.


The BlanketBlend hoodies and jogger sets are some of Feat’s best sellers, and for good reason. Fuzzy on the outside and smooth on the inside, BlanketBlend manages to be both warm, cozy, and breathable all at once. 

BlanketBlend is a fabric you’ll only find at Feat. It’s custom-made to get better over time with something they call a “butter wash.” In other words, the more you wear and wash it, the softer and more velvety the fabric becomes.

Once you try ButterBlend, you’ll forget you even own other hoodies. 


Next up is Roam. This performance-focused fabric is the base for Feat’s pants, which are somewhere between joggers and slacks. Roam is really where versatility comes into place. This solid but breathable fabric effortlessly transitions from work to play. It’s moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and dry all day long, whether you’re hiking or working at a standing desk.

Check it out in action in Feat’s Roam Performance-Pant. Available in so many different colors, there’s really no occasion that doesn’t call for them. 


If you’re even vaguely into athleisure, you know that finding the right leggings, bike shorts, and sport tanks can be so difficult. You need a fabric that’s built to last. After all, the last thing anyone needs is a ripped legging while they’re on a run. 

That’s what makes Feat’s Solace fabric so impressive. Made from recycled materials, their Solace activewear is soft, breathable, and most importantly, durable. Whether you’re wearing it at the gym or while you’re running errands, you’ll be supported for years to come. 


If the Solace fabric is the perfect stretch material, then the AllAround fabric is the perfect sport material. Designed for durability, mobility, and comfort, Feat uses AllAround in its athletic shorts. 

It includes ripstop technology, making it abrasion-resistant, whether you’re climbing mountains or wrestling with your dog at home. And like most of Feat’s fabrics, it’s also moisture-wicking and quick-drying. 


Last but definitely not least is Feat’s TreeCell material. If you’ve been looking for the perfect henley or waffle shirt, you’ll find it made with TreeCell. A lot of softer-than-soft fabrics out there totally lose their shape after a few wears. Not so with TreeCell: This stretchy and buttery soft fabric has shape retention technology. 

It’s lightweight, breathable, and available in a few varieties, including waffle and plush. Basically, it’s the material behind your new favorite shirt or pair of shorts.

With their patented roster of fabrics, Feat really puts their money where their mouth is. The brand is genuinely on a mission to become the most comfortable clothing company in the world, and they’re using sustainable materials and game-changing tech to do it. 

Feat Clothing

Take Care of Yourself With Feat

We all lead busy and chaotic lives. Between all the uncertainty, changing expectations around work and life, and widening conversations around mental health, we’re all trying to optimize our comfort where we can. 

That’s really where modern wellness as a concept was born in the first place. Small changes can have a huge difference in our overall vibe and the way we feel. 

Think about it like this: When people are feeling stressed, they try meditation. When people are feeling sluggish and stuck, they go for a walk. More and more we hear about small tweaks like drinking more water and eating more whole foods and how these choices can make a huge difference in our overall health.

Feat is interested in taking that conversation to the clothing industry. Clothes play a huge role in our sense of self and comfort (or discomfort). If we can invest in better clothing that makes us feel safe, embraced, and confident, then we can give ourselves a little more room to breathe and be.

If it sounds a little over the top, remember how satisfying it feels to peel off your jeans or your high heels at the end of the day. What if clothes just felt good? Wouldn’t that make life a little easier? Or at the very least, a little cozier?

A Few Last Thoughts on Feat

Whether you’re wearing Feat clothing to the office, on a hike, or during a television binge, one thing we can guarantee is that you’ll feel comfortable. Their patented and custom-made fabrics are seriously raising the bar on athleisure.

And with quality stitching and flattering styles, these clothes are built to last and last, resisting any trend cycle, environment shift, or whatever it is that life throws at you. 

In an age where fast fashion is everywhere, it’s genuinely refreshing to see a brand that wants its clothes to last. Once you buy a pair of Feat’s joggers or a hoodie or a set, it might be a while before you need to go back for a new one — and that’s exactly what they’re going for. Clothing to live your life in for a lifetime.

Of course, something tells us that once you try out one piece in Feat’s line, you’ll be returning to soon pick it up in every color. Its stuff is just that comfortable. 

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, browse Feat’s website and see what comfortable clothes can do for your peace of mind.  

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