She's on one today! It seems like Little Women: LA star Mika Winkler is a little fed up with all of her friends' drama this season, and during a girl's trip to Slovang, CA, she really lets it be known that she isn't here for their bulls–t. In an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's episode, Mika really goes in on two castmates in particular — Christy Gibel and Tonya Banks. Watch the videe above to see our exclusive Little Women: LA sneak peek!

It's unclear why Mika came for Christy and Tonya in front of the entire group, but her jabs were pretty mean. First, Mika basically shamed Tonya for getting plastic surgery. "Why'd you get lipo, you weren't fat," Mika told Tonya. Tonya explained that she wanted to have some fat from her back area removed, then Mika's pal Jasmine Arteaga Sorge chimed in and asked Mika if she would ever get plastic surgery.

"Probably not, I like going for the natural approach," Mika said, which then turned into a subtle dig at Christy who has an upcoming plastic surgery appointment for a similar procedure. "I don't really agree with Christy's upcoming weight loss surgery," Mika explained in her confessional. "I think she should change her diet and she should exercise more. It's hard but you gotta do it."

Christy's friend Tonya stepped in to try to defend her and said that everyone has something that they struggle with, but Jasmine cut her off and brought up their horseback riding activity as an example. Jasmine said that she struggled to get on the first horse, but she just tried a second horse and had a successful experience — and that's when Mika started back in on Christy.

"Like, all you guys got up on a horse except for one person," Mika said, as she looked directly at Christy. But Christy definitely noticed, and she said, "I don't know what's up with Mika with her little jabs and fat-shaming, but she needs to stop."

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